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Location: Canada, Gender: Male, Age: 34

Very quiet hostel. Not much socializing, partly due to a small common room, a lack of organized activities, and the common use of hostels by japanese nationals as budget accommodation. This last point is most definitely not the fault of k house, however it's good rating probably promotes it a bit. I've stayed here twice, and both times the hostel was half full of japanese families and even business people who aren't really into the 'hostel-vibe'. Facilities were well looked after though!

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Thank you very much for your review. It was a shame you were not able to join our weekly event, Free Drink Night on Wednesday. We offer Japanese Sake, Plum wine, and soft drinks for free, and people exchange their stories of trip in the common area. Please come back to see more Japan sometime in the future!


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Pariwana Hostel Cusco

Cusco, Peru

Damn fine hostel, one of the best I've stayed in. Beautiful, well maintained. If you can afford the privates, they're very nice. Good atmosphere, always people hanging around. Everyone is coming or going from Machu so there's loads to talk about. Good pad, highly recommended.

Milhouse Avenue

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Yes this was a good hostel. All the other reviews are accurate - it's a party hostel. The Private rooms are absolutely stunning - some of the nicest I've ever seen in a hostel.

America del Sur Hostel Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Really decent breakfast in the morning. Private rooms where nice. Regular tours and all the usual. A little more chill than some of the other BA hostels, so if that's what you want its good.

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Thanks a lot for your review!!!


Staff were amazing, loads of fun and tons of help. Stayed in the private room which was great! Great location.


Had a great time. Some nights the bars is ok, but most of the time it was pretty quiet. Too bad, as the setup is pretty cool. Because the hostel is a little pricier, we found many of the people staying were 40+. So they kind of kept to themselves and didn't really grab the backpacking vibe. The hostel itself is beautiful.

Athens Backpackers

Athens, Greece

The rooftop patio with a great view of the sites was definitely worth checking out. And the little bits were nice - they've put together a small map of the city with exactly the information you need. Nice touch.


Well if you want to party hard, and probably get laid – this is the hostel for you. Cheap booze, and girls are encouraged to get drunk enough to take their clothes off. Which they usually do. Other than that, it’s kind of mediocre. People are STONGLY encouraged to spend all of their money AT the hostel, and nowhere else. There isn’t even a kitchen to cook food in, they mostly expect you to buy lunch in their restaurant. But breakfast and dinner are free/included, and actually quite good.


Sagres, Portugal

As one of the previous people commented, you want a rental car if you’re here. The town it’s in is about 400 people, so you can imagine the one café would get pretty boring after a while. The guys make a dinner at night for 4 euro and it’s a good deal. They’ll also take you to a surf beach nearby in the day and give you a wetsuit and board for 15 euro. It's a little expensive for portuagal, but that because there aren't any other hostels in the area.

Casa d'Alagoa

Faro, Portugal

They’re just building the place up now, but that hasn’t interfered with the facilities, you don’t have to wash dishes in a bathtub or anything. There were plenty of workers around though. The guys that run it are all reasonably friendly. There isn’t much to do in Faro unfortunately, and they were pretty understanding when a few of us checked out before our reservations were up. Definitely appreciated that. A few restaurants nearby, and the bars are a shortish walk. Again it’s a pretty quiet town

Way Hostel

Madrid, Spain

Well located, lots of bars nearby. Huge hostel, but good staff. Laundry is located at the sister hostel a couple of blocks away. You have to buzz in, but the desk is open 24hours and they don’t seem put out if you’re coming in and out.

Riad Chez Lea

Marrakech, Morocco

The hostel is well located, and the guys that run it are amazing. Marrakesh is a crazy town, it’s nice to have a chill place to come home to. Stay here – you won’t regret it. Beware, there is no sign on the front door. Its a little tough to find, and more than a few people got hustled by locals pretending to give directions.

Giramundo Hostel

Ibiza, Spain

Had an amazing time at the hostel. Owners speak enough English to get by, and give decent directions. Dorms rooms were packed with dudes when we arrived, don’t know what it’s like during the busy season. Private room was outstanding, with a rooftop balcony and some views of the ocean. Very reasonable prices when we got there too. Not exactly close to everything, but reasonably located. Never noticed a kitchen, but the Wifi worked well and there was a well used common area of bean bag chairs.

Sant Jordi Diagonal Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

Surprised this place has such high reviews! I'd say its an average hostel in an amazing city. The staff were fun, but some of the guys are clearly just there to get laid. The cleaning lady is notoriously rude to everyone, though some enjoyed the challenge of seeing if they could get her to smile. And it's a little far away from everything, but close to the metro which helps. It's decent, and I've stayed there twice, but it doesn't deserve a +90 rating.


San Sebastian, Spain

Great location, right in the middle of the pedestrian area. Of course, this can mean it gets a bit noisy at night on the weekends. Guy that runs it is superb. No real common area, so it’s tough to get to know anyone not in your room. Kitchen is super small, but the free breakfast (toast/cereal) is welcome.

Hostel Centro Historico Regina

Mexico City, Mexico

Good location, and safer than you would expect for mexico city! Facilities are in good shape. The girl at the front was terrible though. asked her where the metro was and she just shrugged. When i got them to call me a taxi, they just called some guy they knew who GROSSLY overcharged me. the next time i asked them to call me a regular cab and they actually refused! they're obviously getting kick backs from the deal. (they charge 120 peso to the airport. It was 35peso in a regular cab)

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Dear Is not that we want to make money from the taxi's, the sad reality is that the regular taxis in Mexico are not safe for tourist specially with all your luggage and documents like when you are going to the airport the oficial price from a autoriced Taxi from the airport to the hostel or back is $127 pesos, and yes it is 3 times more then a regular one but is 100% safe and we can be responsables for a safe trip. Sorry for the problems.


Honestly i didnt actually stay here, I never made it to cozumel because of transit problems. But they were so nice about me not showing up and didn't charge me for the night! thanks guys, I'll definitely be staying here next time i come through.