Reviews: edrees8144

Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 31

Four Rivers Hostel

Yangon, Myanmar

Good facilities and plenty of bathrooms. Nice central loc! Beds are comfortable and offer lockers and a nice curtain shade for privacy. The AC unit didn't work great, it would kind of shut off in the middle of the night. Staff will always try to help you but many have very poor English, and they are confusing because they mark the prices of everything in USD and yet won't accept USD. Then, they wouldn't accept large kyat bills either, it was a bit troublesome trying to pay for anything.

Ostello Bello Bagan

Bagan, Myanmar

Amazing place to stay. Great facilities and bathrooms, good location in New Bagan, laundry service and bike rentals are RIGHT next door, and plenty of restaurants in the area. The atmosphere is great for meeting people and staff is super friendly and helpful. Worth the price! Housing is just expensive in Bagan in general, so the value is good compared to all other options in town.

Yes! Lisbon Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

This was the best hostel I’ve EVER stayed at. Amazing staff, super fun and friendly. Very clean facilities. Beds come with a curtain to block light and sound away. Cooked hot free breakfasts. Great pub crawl and dinners. Perfect location next to the heart of the city and 2 min walk from a subway stop. Fast internet even in the rooms. I want to go back to Lisbon and when I do I will accept to stay nowhere else but here! Just say YES! Sounds corny but trust me you’ll be saying it!

La Posada de Huertas

Madrid, Spain

Posada de Huertas really made me feel welcome. Staff is friendly and helpful, facilities are clean and kept up well, rooms are cleaned daily, free breakfast and internet. The best thing about this place is the absolute perfect location in the heart of Madrid, walkable to most things you’d want to do in the city, and 5 min walk to the nearest station if you want to go further. Met a lot of cool people here, a diverse group of people seem to stay at this hostel which is a huge plus.

Sant Jordi Diagonal Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

Excellent hostel. Staff is really fun, friendly and helpful. Facilities and bathrooms are good and clean. The beds are cleaned everyday and the rooms are clean. Great location as it is right next door to a stop on the metro and a 5-10 metro ride to most places in Barcelona you’d want to visit (Ramblas, La Sagrada familiam other tourist places, etc). The area just North of it is great for food, especially on a budget. I’d stay here again when I go back to Barcelona. Their bar crawls are epic!!

City Hostel Geneva

Geneva, Switzerland

Good location right next to two stops on the rail, clean rooms and bathrooms, helpful staff. It was a good hostel and I'd definitely recommend staying here. It's not very social though, to no fault of the hostel. People just didn't seem to hang out in the common rooms. They give you discounts if you buy a watch or knife with them, so look out for that, its a nice bonus.


It took me 30 minutes to check in despite only having to wait for one person in front of me. Things just seemed to move slow. The campsite is a LOT of fun though, and the unlimited beer is amazing. The tents can be cramped, and the mattress pad you get was just very uncomfortable to me. The bathrooms are clean enough, but be prepared to wait in long lines for the use of anything. It's pretty much what you'd expect from a campground but I felt like the place was overloaded beyond capacity.


Very nice facilities and rooms. The bar area is cool, pretty social and the events they throw, especially the walking tour, are incredible. The location is a bit of a walk but since Bruges is so small it is not a big deal. Just know it is about 1.5 miles from the train station so be prepapred to take a bus. I would stay here again though!

Astor Hyde Park

London, England

The location is pretty far from any subway stops, it takes like 10 to 15 min to walk to the nearest one which is far for London. The location is also really nice, it is the nicest part of London, but with that all the restaurants and bars are super expensive in the area. The staff was average, nothing special but not bad either. Beds and rooms were standard. The bathroom was average too. Hot water was reliable. The common room isn't very social, they play movies so you gotta keep it down.

Hostel Nomadas Backpackers

San Jose, Costa Rica

I only spent one brief night at Nomadas with a late check in and early check out, but it was an excellent hostel. Friendly staff, comfortable and clean beds, plentiful showers/sink. Staff was helpful and fun to talk to.

Hotel Dorothy

La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Hotel Dorothy was a good place. Much like curious Dorothy in the wizard of Oz, it is a very curious place. It was clean enough and overall quiet. Nice view of the Arenal volcano from the rooms. Staff was somewhat helpful but you really had to hound them for info. No breakfast, but great location super close walk to anything you need in town. Decent place to stay I’d definitely stay here as it is great value for your money. I have no complaints.

Camino Verde Hostel and B&B

Monteverde, Costa Rica

I LOVED this bed and breakfast / hotel. One of the best I’ve ever stayed at. Great location close to the center of Santa Elena, very clean, very hot water available, affordable – but the best thing was Andres the owner. He made sure we saw everything we could possibly see and do everything we possibly could in the 1 night and 1 day we were there. He managed to book us specialized and hard to find tours at great values, and he even booked us a shuttle ride in a different part of costa rica we we


Chaltunha was a really special place to stay. Neil the owner was very accommodating, friendly and helpful. He made sure we were taken care of his and made his guests his priority. Facilities were clean, spacious, and hot water was always available. Format is nice if you want to be social but at the same time the rooms are far away from the common areas so if you want a quiet private place you can have that too. Gorgeous view of Flores from the hotel. Great food, cheap beers,all around amazing!

Hostel Villa Vento Surf

Panama City, Panama

Villa Vento Surf was a good hostel. Daniel the owner was a great guy – friendly and helpful. They have self serve breakfast pancakes and coffee, clean rooms and bathrooms. Hot water didn’t last more than a few seconds though, so mostly colder showers. It seemed like it was a social hostel but at the time I was there, there were cliques forming and not many ladies around. Not the fault of the hostel really, but I had to mention it so you don’t get surprised if it happens to you. Good overall!


Saigon youth hostel was great. Delicious breakfast, clean rooms/bathrooms, nice laundry service, and PRIME location in the middle of town and close enough to restaurants, bars and museums of town. It’s also just on the main tourist street of Saigon where most of the backpackers hostels are.

WE Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand

We Bangkok was a solid hostel. Friendly staff, fun events, nice rooftop bar, clean rooms, warm showers, and clean bathrooms. Lots of other young travelers to meet and make friends. Excellent location only a few minutes walk to a sky tram station. The building goes quite high up though, if you want reliable wifi you gotta head down to the lobby area. Good overall I’d highly recommend!

Spicythai Backpackers

Chiang Mai, Thailand

I loved Spicy Thai backpackers! Great setup, nice location pretty close to the main street near the university. Not too far of a walk or tuc tuc ride if you want to get into the center square of town either, though it is a mile or so out. Staff was super friendly, bathroom was VERY clean and strong, warm showers.

Lamb Tour House

Taipei, Taiwan

Flip Flop hostel was incredible. They let us do a late check in because we got late and had everything ready in a cubby with instructions via email on how to open the door and find our rooms. Clean bathrooms, very warm and cozy blankets, and friendly staff. Best of all, I left my glasses there and they shipped it to my place and threw in a spiffy case as a bonus. They are amazing!