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Villa Agas

Santorini, Greece

Nice small property , it offers the very basic for spending the night , there is no luxury there but it is great for the price paid . If you are looking for a bed to spend the night at a cheap place this is the place .


Athens, Greece

No customer comment


it was one of the greatest experiences that I have had . Great clean facilities , and a full nourishing breakfast . The staff was just wonderful . the price is little bit expensive, 38 $ for One bed. Not terrible but it could be little bit less. Still a very positive experience, keep up the good work . Thank you.

Hostel Suites Obelisco

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The best location in town I think, it was just super . the staff was so friendly, helpful. the only thing is that the place seems to be old and might need some maintenance. but it was clean and convenient. Great Breakfast and a certainly great value for the money. Great job.

El Misti House

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The staff was very friendly and so helpful. the young lady has helped me a great deal ,I did not get her name. she was eager to help . Breakfast was super . my only suggestion to them is to enforce the No noise policy after 10 pm. there was some traffic going on at very late hours , backpackers coming in and out very late. Just a great experience for sure.

Mellow Yellow Villa

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Not too bad. I enjoyed staying there but it was not convenient to go through the bar to get to the bathroom , the same thing for the shower. They had some work done on the property at that time. Breakfast was not as great as other hostels in the area . great location.

Oak Hotel

Tokyo, Japan

it was really great to spend the night there at your Hostel in Tokyo ,unfortunately there was no beds available for me after that and I had to go all the way back to the other Hostel, Long walk . I understand it is a busy place. the Staff was Excellent , Friendly. Great Job !


I had great time staying there at Asakusa Smile in Tokyo. Friendly Great Staff, Location is not bad at all. it was safe and fun . little bit of Noise from the Street Traffic . The thing that really bugged me and annoyed me about this place are the ROACHES ! the Kitchen is full of them and you can not enjoy your meal seeing roaches all over the Kitchen . I wish they would do something about that.