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Harlem YMCA

New York, USA

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Greenpoint YMCA

New York, USA

Room was big enough and silent, but...Was no service for mobile, so it needs to go downstairs only for talking. No elevator and stairs are very high to climb. what it's makes the luggage carrying very difficult No men bathroom in every floor. the 3rd floor has no bathrooms so guests have to get on the 2nd floor and make the all way long all 2nd floor. and then, in the end....only 2 toilet stalls which are occupied most of the time. one was dirty once. and the other one has no toilet paper.

Hostel Black and White

Morro de Sao Paulo, Brazil

Hostel "Black & White" is the best place to stay in the "Morro de Sao Paulo" island. the food and especially the breakfast which served there are fresh, tasty and has rich variety of fruits and Delicious dishes from the brazillian cuisine. The room was very comfortable, silent, clean and safety. i want to give emphasize to the special service of "Black & White" management. the employees are very kind and helpful. love being there. Recommended !!