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Location: USA, Age: 26

HI Portland - Northwest

Portland, USA

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Q4 Hotel

New York, USA

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Hotel La Aurora

Montezuma, Costa Rica

the private room that we had was very spacious, as was the ensuite bathroom. nicely situated within town. free breakfast was also a great touch! overall, a great bargain for what you are paying.

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We don,t have breakfast. We have free coffee. I am happy that you have had a good time in Hotel Aurora

Sleepers Sleep Cheaper Hostel

Monteverde, Costa Rica

the private room that we had was very spacious, as was the ensuite bathroom. nicely situated within town. free breakfast was also a great touch! overall, a great bargain for what you are paying.

Arenal Hostel Resort

La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Great people running the hostel and people to meet! Good atmosphere and overall vibe. Pretty well-oiled machine situated in the heart of La Fortuna. 6-bed dorm was smaller than I'm used to, but the bathroom was clean and the shower was incredibly spacious. Overall great!

Villa Dimitris

Santorini, Greece

Clean, quiet 2 floor (ensuite, kitchen, fridge) 3BR next to the black sand beach! Not a place where you're going to meet anyone, but it isn't marketed to be that way, so I wasn't expecting it. Picked up and dropped off at the ferry pier, which was v generous considering how late it was both times (1:30 and 23:00, respectively). Rula was very kind and helpful! I suspect she was the reason why we got a free dessert when we were both dining at the same restaurant one night. Thank you!

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Palace Hostel

Vienna, Austria

Beautiful views and free breakfast, but that's about it. It's very easily accessible via public transit-- but so is everything in Vienna. It's very far from the life of the city (~40 minutes including wait times) and buses shut down shortly after midnight, so you may find it difficult to enjoy the nightlife. WiFi situation is not great-- not secured and only in main public area. Staff weren't most helpful about things to do. Not ideal for solo backpackers-- mostly families, couples, and groups.

Kismet Dao Hostel

Brasov, Romania

Nice hostel where it was easier to meet other people! The outlet situation in the 12 bed was an issue; bring an extension cord if you can. The toilet/shower situation was a bit tricky, as well. Great staff-- who can turn down free beer?

The Cozyness Downtown Hostel

Bucharest, Romania

Nice hostel! Met some great people while there. Elevator a bit scary, but at least you don't have to always climb up the stairs if you don't want to do so. Thanks, Marius!

Hostel Mostel

Sofia, Bulgaria

Amazing time at this hostel! Made so many friends and had an amazing, unforgettable time in Sofia. We stayed in a private room in the apartments, which are 5 mins away on foot. The facilities there were very good-- spring for one if you can! Otherwise, great common space, and awesome free breakfast and dinner-- really made it easy for us to meet people, even though we were staying in a different building. Highly recommend this hostel, at least for those thinking of getting a private room!

Madness Hostel

Belgrade, Serbia

Great hostel! The owner was amazing-- she had been one of the nicest people I met while on my trip so far. Big lockers, good common room and balcony-- but one bathroom. Period. Often had to wait 5-40 minutes to use it, which was a bit frustrating. However, still highly recommend this hostel! Very great place to meet people.

Hostel & Guest House SA

Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Had a number of young children staying in my room when we were there. While a bit annoying to have the lights off before 9pm, this mostly meant that the atmosphere was a bit lacking at times. Up a number of stairs... careful coming in late; it's not incredibly well-lit. Comfortable, clean, and met some cool people. At least it's mother approved?

Hostel Nina

Mostar, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Great hostel! Staff were some of the nicest people I've met on my holiday. They picked us up from the bus station for free (though our bus was quite late) and gave us figs in the evening just because. They also let my friend eat breakfast with the day trip group, even though we weren't going on that trip. Also did the war tour with Nino-- very informative and well-done! Only criticism is the 2nd/main floor bathroom; shower lacks a shower curtain. Just go upstairs and you'll be fine.


Well-located, clean, great bathroom, and tidy kitchen. Staff was also helpful and quite nice. However, atmosphere lacking-- no common room, the kitchen was a bit too tiny to really talk or get to know anyone, etc. I wasn't in Split to party every night, but I also wasn't expecting the entire room to fall asleep and turn off the lights by 10 pm. Not a big deal, but this is not a party hostel by any means. Staff may appear to encourage you to vacate in the early afternoon to clean.

Silver Gate Hostel

Split, Croatia

only stayed a night, but great atmosphere and location! Staff were friendly and very helpful and invited us out. Women's bathroom only has one shower stall, however