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Easy Nerja Guesthouse

Nerja, Spain

I stayed at the new Beach house. The 8 bedroom dorm was hot a small fan for circulation was in there. Bathroom was okay. It could have been overly dirty becasue of the people staying in the hostel, not becasue of the staff. The staff is super friendly but very limited, very new, and not always there. I think they just need more staff in general. No breakfast provided, not coffee or tea offered, the small cute kitchen is used for the "terrace" area as well, otherwise there is no social area.

DeCadiz Cadi

Cadiz, Spain

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Loved this hostel. Staff felt like they were more of guests, suer friendly and approached you about evenings out and if you had any questions. Place had a great kitchen area and court yard for meeting people, conversing, relaxing etc... The only thing I didn't like was that you have to bring your own lock for the lockers. Something annoying that travelers don't want to have to carry around. I have stayed at many Oasis Backpackers around the world and the experience is always great.


I have stayed in many hostels around the world and this one is tied for first! Amazing staff and facilities. Great ambiance from the moment you step through the door.

Midas Resort

San Ignacio, Belize

This was a great place to stay in San Ignacio. The Proprietor and all the employees were friendly and very helpful. They recently had a new Pool put in along with a bar on premise. Normally i would say "what is there a pool doing in the middle of the jungle... shouldnt we be out exploring?" But, i will eat my words because having a little bit of luxury on a Jungle expedition makes all the difference. Beautiful Jungle Scenery, Good accomodations, and personally better to be out of city center.