Reviews: Anonymous

Location: France, Age: 27

Umbrella Hostel

Bucharest, Romania

Very nice place to stay in Bucarest, it is very big and the manager is very cool. This is not so close to the old town but it is worth staying there. Would recommend for sure.

Hostel Costel

Timisoara, Romania

Amazing place to stay in Timisoara although not so close to the city center. The atmosphere is great. This is a renovated villa with loaaaaads of space. I loved it.

Freeborn Hostel

Timisoara, Romania

Great place to stay in Timisoara. The staff even invited us to a grill but we couldn't make it... Would recommend for sure.

Strong Hostel Alba Iulia

Alba Iulia, Romania

This is more a rented flat shared with others but Christian and Ana are very nice and helpful. You've got a great view of the fortress from the balcony.

Kismet Dao Hostel

Brasov, Romania

Location isn't perfect but is good. Helpful staff. As this quite a big hostel it isn't as cozy as others I went to in Romania. But I would recommend it anyway.

Felinarul Hostel

Sibiu, Romania

Great hostel managed by a British family (I guess). They were very helpful. Location is good and decoration is awesome. Would recommend for sure.

The Cozyness Downtown Hostel

Bucharest, Romania

Good location, although on the 6th floor. I loved the atmosphere of this renovated flat. The staff was very helpful.

11th Hour Hostel and Cinema

Budapest, Hungary

Very friendly, it was great. Next time I'm going back to Budapest, I'll go to the same hostel for sure.