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HotelHotel Hostel

Seattle, USA

The hostel was nice but the staff were very unhelpful compared to other hostels we've stayed at. Parking is an issue in the area, but the host wasn't able to give us information on the best place to park/rates/possible free parking. Also, as soon as you walk in, you are bombarded with their rules and regulations. I definitely felt as though I was walking into a detention center. They didn't offer a map of the city or things to check out as you're checking in. We felt very much on our own.

HI Portland - Northwest

Portland, USA

The staff at the front desk were super helpful as soon as we walked in. They were able to show us the hot spots around town right away, got us a cheap pass for parking near the hostel, and offered us an awesome walking brewery tour (which we obviously took in!). The hostel was definitely safe and it was really nice to have a bunch of bathrooms. Also, their eco-consciousness is a bonus!


Berlin, Germany

Out of the city centre, like everything else in Berlin. Thankfully they are very close to an S-Bahn station. For 10 euros, you get an awesome deal! STAY HERE!