Reviews: Anonymous

Paloma Inn

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The best thing about this hostel is the staff. They went to every length to make my stay and my onwards travels enjoyable and easy, Sha and one of the women whose name I sadly did not get even offered me coffee and drinks on a morning when I had to check out at 5.30am before breakfast had started. The breakfast here is also quite good, a combination of Asian and Western foods which I prefer to your standard coffee and toast deal. Had such a good experience I came back a second time.

Pajamas Koh Chang

Koh Chang, Thailand

One of the best hostels I have ever stayed in. Staff were very helpful (not to mention hilarious!), the communal areas made it easy to meet other tourists and the pool made for a very luxurious hostel experience (I can't count how many times I swam in 3 days!). Initially I was worried that being so far from Lonely Beach would get a little boring/lonely but far from it. The distance meant you could have a peaceful stay but the hostel was great for meeting other travellers keen to go out as well

Niras Bankoc Cultural Hostel

Bangkok, Thailand

Niras Bangkoc was a great hostel (though try telling a taxi driver find it - they were hopeless!). The staff here were lovely and not being located on Khao San Rd was probably a good thing because you could actually get a decent night's sleep, while still being a 15 minute walk to the action. Met some fun people here and the hostel itself was very comfortable - clean dorms, good facilities and a 'hip' café/reception downstairs where you can chill out and have a coffee or chat with others

Reggae Mansion Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Had a great stay at the Reggae Mansion. It was nice to stay at a hostel with its own bar - the rooftop bar was a great place to have a drink and view the city surrounds, very nice atmosphere and not too much of a crazy party vibe when I was there. Good, clean facilities too. The only downside was that the top bunks were very high up. A good place for meeting other travellers and close to public transport.

Green Suites Hotel 1

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Staff were very friendly at this hotel and helped me book a cab to the airport for a set rate so I knew how much I was paying. The room was comfortable and clean and had a good selection of TV channels. The only downside was that being near the foyer my room was a little noisy in the morning but other than that I thought the hotel was very good value and really close to the backpacker/restaurant streets.


I thought $8 a night for a room with no ensuite bathroom or breakfast included was a bit expensive compared with other hostels in South East Asia (other parts of Cambodia I had better hostels with ensuites for $5 a night, and in Vietnam $8 would include breakfast). Also I booked a female dorm and ended up with a mixed dorm but this wasn't really a problem. The movie area downstairs was nice and gave the place a nice communal feel.

Ganesha Family Guesthouse

Battambang, Cambodia

I had a lovely stay at the Ganesha Family Guesthouse. The owners were very friendly and helpful, and gave honest advice about bus companies - I ended up taking a boat instead to Siem Reap - not sure I would do this again since it took 9 hours but if you want the river experience it is nice. The room was very spacious and the mosquito nets around the beds - although they'd need to be open to feel the fans - gave the impression of having your own private space. Nice, relaxed atmosphere.

Me Mates Place

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The beds here were spacious - almost double bed size - and the lockers were big enough to fit large packs which was handy. Having an ensuite bathroom was good value too. Unfortunately my dorm was infested with bed bugs. Myself and the other traveller sharing my bunk were upgraded to a hotel room next door but I don't think others in our room were so lucky. The bar could have had more going on - had the potential to be a good place to meet other travellers. Staff were friendly and helpful though


Small but comfortable and clean. I was not too happy about being on the 6th floor with no lift and the wifi rarely worked upstairs. Also I asked twice for a towel but they kept running out of them, and there is no proper communal area to meet other travellers, but I guess in a hostel this small that would be difficult. The staff, however, were quite helpful. One of the ladies warned me about the thefts in the city and told me to get passport photos for my Cambodia visa, which I hadn't thought of

Sunflower Hotel Hoi An

Hoi An, Vietnam

This would have to be my favourite hostel that I stayed in in South East Asia. The outdoor pool was great for relaxing and very refreshing after a hot day of walking and cycling. The buffet breakfast was awesome. Definitely the best value hostel of my trip. My only minor complaint was that there was no soap in the bathrooms and never enough toilet paper. The beds could have used bed lamps and there weren't enough power outlets in our room, but otherwise a very spacious and comfortable stay!!

Hue Backpackers Hostel

Hue, Vietnam

Hue Backpackers seems to be the place all the backpackers stay and as such it has a great lively atmosphere where you can meet other travellers (and lethal 2 for 1 cocktails during Happy Hour). The staff all spoke very good English. Only downside was that the breakfast options were a bit boring but otherwise a great place to stay.