Reviews: calinychic4117

Urban Holiday Lofts

Chicago, USA

This was a great hostel with some MAJOR flaws. First, there are only 2 bathrooms on each floor for over 30 people. There are also no mirrors in the rooms, only in the bathrooms. Because its lofts, the floors make a lot of noise. It was also probably the squeakiest bed I've ever had to sleep on, and bunk beds, so if one person turns their head it wakes the whole room. The location is great, i would probably stay again. Just bring some ear plugs and plan on mid day showers.

Ciao Hostel

Florence, Italy

It was as expected for a hostel. Pillow and linens could have been better, but otherwise, facilities were fine. We had a fire alarm at 4:30am and there was no one on staff to respond or call the fire dept., fix that.