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Broadway Hotel n Hostel

New York, USA

The rooms were great. The biggest problem: alcohol is somewhat prohibited in the hostel. The elevator is COMPLETELY SCARY. I've even been locked up inside it (it failed to go all the way down). They kept getting it out of service. The hostel atmosphere is really sad. No one interacts, it's way more like a hotel than a hostel. The price is quite good for NY City. But I'm pretty sure there will be much better options.


Nice hostel...Really charming area, there was a nice party organized by the staff. It was pretty nice. They have really comfy beds. The only problem is that you dont have much privacy on the bathrooms. Anyway, i would recommend this.

Che Salguero Student Residence

Cordoba, Argentina

Really nice hostel... The staff were so great, really helpful and kind. Had good beds. They always had your bed made up (like everyday, maybe more than 1 time a day!!).. The lockers were pretty good and big. Really nice breakfast. They had a wall with loads of possible tours, which helps alot. I´d recommend this hostel to everyone, seriously.