Reviews: camilorojas

Location: Argentina, Gender: Male, Age: 26

They run a pretty tight ship, save from some mishaps here and there. It's a clean hostel, with always helpful staff and fun things to do as well as an awesome rooftop to relax in. It's a good location in the middle of Miraflores, though being next to the most important avenue, it is by far the noisiest hostels I've every been to. And you can't close the windows because then you'll cook. Guys, really, just get AC. Their taxi service was one of the worst experiences I've ever had.

Hostal El Triunfo

Cusco, Peru

Pretty much a hotel, except for the fact that you have to go two flights of stairs to get to the reception and one more if you're in the second floor. Very good location, 100 m from the Plaza de Armas. It lacks the atmosphere of a hostel so it's not the best place to meet people, rather it's a very chill place to relax. It's clean but took some points because I had to constantly ask for soap and shampoo, as well as TP. Good little hotel in general.

St Christopher's at The Winston

Amsterdam, Netherlands

very good hostel. big ass metal lockers under the beds, uncomfortable but safe. right in the town center. cool stuff and the best breakfast i've ever seen in a hostel. a little bit crowdy and noisy, earplugs are a must. very, very expensive. from my experience and that of my room mates, you'll get WAY better deals by just showing up.

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Hey Camilo. Thanks for leaving us a review. We make sure that all of our rates are competitive, but we hope that all the little extras make it worthwhile for our guests : )

BackPacker's Republic

St Petersburg, Russia

great hostel. the girls were very attentive and the beds were comfortable. i don't know if everybody got this, but i had 3 (!) plugs by my bed. there were only 2 showers but they never seemed to get crowded, never saw anyone waiting in line. there's a washer in there and you can iron your clothes for free. nice breakfast. definitely good value for money.

Apple Hostel Moscow

Moscow, Russia

good hostel, quite cheap and clean. showers were cool. location is ok, though in moscow you'll always need to travel a bit. the girls were helpful, but they did drop the ball a couple of times and i have to call them on it. they kept losing pieces of clothes on the dryer. the second time for good, and the only response was "well, this is a hostel, you know". they also forgot to tell me they were moving me so they just moved my stuff anyway and for a while couldn't find some important things.


It's basically a party hostel, to meet a lot of people and get drunk, cheap, but to not get that much sleep. Excellent location, couldn't be more central. The lockers are below the beds, and while they don't seem the most secure thing you could get, they are very noticeable while being opened, so not too much to worry. Power outlets right by each bed. The toilets were the filthiest I've ever seen. All the time.

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On each G&T hostels descritpions it is said we are a PARTY hostel. But also we do care about guests who want to sleep, we have a curfew at 11 and our receptionists do everything to keep hostel as quiet as possible during the night. Common area is on a different floor than dorms. Lockers are actually safe, if you just hire a padlock from the reception, what you can do for FREE! I am surprised you found our toilets dirty as we have cleanning staff, who check them every hour.

Sleep in Heaven

Copenhagen, Denmark

An OK hostel, just the basics. Which makes it very overpriced. To not have soap or shampoo nor provide towels in a 30 EUR a night hostel it's just too much, no matter where it is. Obviously, there's no laundry nor anything like that. It's 10 to 20 minutes to all the sights and something like that or a little more to the airport. The bathrooms were wet and a little filthy every once in a while. To sum up, I don't think it's worth your money.

The Cat's Pajamas Hostel

Berlin, Germany

The best hostel I've stayed on in Western Europe. Everything is included. Clean. Great lockers with individual "closets". Each bed has a nightstand with a socket to charge whatever electronics you brought along. Showers so comfortable and clean, as well as bathrooms. Helpful staff. Great atmosphere. Spacious kitchen, dining room and common area. Huge fridges. Washing machines and dryers. And everything so cheap. Location: wherever you are in Berlin, you're gonna have to travel, so...


Awesome location 200 mts from the Hbf and Dom. Very friendly staff. Having security as their "number one priority", they keep the lockers outside the rooms, under video surveillance. But they are too small to fit a bag that I took as a carry-on in the airplane. Also, the bed-to-locker ratio isn't the best. The one that I got was almost open from below, that's hardly "safe". So it depends on who's watching the CC-tv. Not to mention how inconvenient. The rest's OK. Good value for Köln, I guess.

Royal Road Residence Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

great, they gave us our own apartment, we could even choose the heating settings. the location is great.

Hostel Galla

Milan, Italy

excellent, apart from the shared bathroom, a hotel. quite far from the main attractions, but a single metro ticket a day is enough to get you downtown. ask for the special menu for customers to use at nearby restaurant, where they will try to feed you to death. only one weird thing: they turned off the heating late at night, so it was freezing the next morning. i hope it was just a temporary thing.

Hostel Veronique

Florence, Italy

awful. the only time i saw staff from the hostel was when i had to pay, the first day. no one was around to even ask towels to rent, let alone ask drunk hostel mates to keep it quiet at 1.30 am! no real heating (it's february!!), which was "solved" with a fan heater that wasn't working well so it was too loud to use it. to cap it all, i didn't sleep on a matress, but on a bunch of springs. it has a good location, close to the duomo.