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Aline Hostel

Chefchaouen, Morocco

A lovely place to stay. located just at the edge of the Medina but accessible by car, an advantage since the hills are steep. In less than 20 seconds you are in the medina. It is also just a 5 minutes from the waterfalls. Very clean facilities. There is a lovely rooftop terrace with views of the mountains. There is also a kitchen to whip up your own lunch. But the best was the great staff. I was having trouble with my knee and the manager carried my bag up and down the stairs for me.

Amour d' Auberge

Marrakech, Morocco

The staff was fantastic. They were very helpful when I was not feeling well. They even went out and brought in food for me when I was too ill to go out on my own. But beware of bedbugs.

Hostel Cosmopolitan

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The staff is super friendly and super helpful!