Reviews: fruecker4240

YHA Cambridge

Cambridge, England

I was shocked to find out that this hostel is asking for 25 Pounds for a dorm bed. I was more shocked, when I found out that this hostel doesn't even run on a profit, but receives money from some large donors. How can a hostel be run so inefficiently? I believe a hostel that receives donations should feel obliged to offer dorm beds at the lowest possible price. This was clearly not a priority for the YHA Cambridge. That said, the staff was friendly and helpful, everything worked.

Footprints Hostel

Singapore, Singapore

I considered sleepy sams, but this hostel is SO much better. Very helpful staff, super clean and nice hostel. Big ass TV downstairs, wifi in all rooms (not just lobby) and so on. The only thing that I, as an atheist, found a bit offensive was the Christian messages in the Hostel or at least in the connected cafe, where they serve breakfast.