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Hospedaje Yaxha

Flores, Guatemala

With no breeze, the lack of air conditioning in Flores is a bit important with 30 C at night and 37 C in the day. I ended up taking the coldest shower I could and let that dry over the night. The rooms are large and clean. Realize you are near a jungle, so do not be surprised by a spider or two. The staff are extremely friendly though staying here is an opportunity to improve your Spanish.

La Iguana Perdida

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

This hostel is a bit like going to an adult summer camp. Isolated, beautiful scenery, really nice people. The dinner is very good; afterwords often they have a social experience -- trivia, talent show, jokes. The custom alcohols are great. Deedle, Dave, and staff make the place feel like a home which will be refreshing during a trip.

Mikaso Hotel y Restaurante

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

There were a group of 3 people in a dorm for 6 that tried to sneak 3 others into the room. The owner noticed prior to this, and promptly addressed the situation while refunding us and finding us a great place to stay at another hotel as they were fully booked. He was extremely friendly and I recommend Mikaso on that point, the place has a beautiful view and good food (we ate there the next morning).


Guatemala City, Guatemala

Our trip started better than we imagined from the moment we landed late at night. The hostel is in a great area of the city, a place to relax and get to know the city. Marcos helped us out so much for the entire stay we had in Guatemala. From being an amazing host; giving us a local perspective; and helping us plan the rest of our trip with an accurate hand-made map of Guatemala. Even when we went to other hostels they knew of Marcos and his family for what they do for Guatemala tourism.

Sleep in Heaven

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen was a blast and this was a great place to stop before continuing on my way for the remainder of the trip. It's reasonably priced (for Copenhagen) and everyone is friendly.

STF/IYHF Skeppsholmen

Stockholm, Sweden

The hostel is big, but you can definitely meet people. The location is both great and difficult as the public transport is difficult and takes more time, but this might push you to get a bike rental pass, which I strongly recommend you do, this is one of the best locations for it as well.

Jumbo Stay STF/IYHF

Stockholm, Sweden

This is exactly as advertised. A great and unique stay near an airport for when you need it. Definitely recommended even for novelty.

Bergen YMCA Hostel

Bergen, Norway

The YMCA hostel is really nice. I really recommend the cafe downstairs. The location cannot be better in Bergen. The rooftop is relaxing and the common areas are really conducive to meeting people. Beds are pretty standard.

Anker Apartment

Oslo, Norway

It is a mega hostel. Don't expect to get to know people easily as there are a lot of groups and people who live in the apartments that are connected to the hostel. It's rather secure with small lockers for valuables. A really good location, a district that you should visit that is close to downtown. Could be cleaner.

Equity Point Centric

Barcelona, Spain

The main issue with this hostel is how strikingly different it is from other Equity Point hostels. I stayed in the equity point in Marrakech and it seems to have the same exact budget that the hostel in Barcelona has, only with the huge price difference; the quality of service is striking. Breakfast was great, but the beds were terrible and only given a bottom sheet with upcharging for a top sheet. It's such a stark difference from the marrakech that I was expecting the brand to be similar.

The Garden Backpacker

Seville, Spain

The staff was amazing. One of us came down with food poisoning and the staff helped us find an empty room to help both us and the other guests. We still needed to pay the difference but, it was worth it, as we found out that both of us had food poisoning. The staff helped and were attentive at any hour of the night. I greatly appreciate everything they did for us. Would gladly stay here again.

Goodnight Lisbon Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

The staff here was excellent, one of us got food poisoning and the staff helped us as best they could, gave advice for hospitals (sever dehydration), and offered to in general help us feel comfortable. The facilities were great and is in an amazing location.

Home Lisbon Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

This hostel deserves the award it's been given. It is immaculate and beautiful, with really well thought out design, a place where you will meet tons of other travelers. The only issues: wifi isn't available in rooms (not good for long term visits), the dinner isn't always available and may not be Portuguese cuisine (the first night was bacalhau com natas, the others were beef stroganoff and lemon chicken). I'm sure they were great, probably common dishes for locals but not unique to Portugal.

Oporto Invictus Hostel

Porto, Portugal

This hostel is one of the best small to medium sized hostels ever. Great staff (wonderful help, ask them for tips about the city) and just the right atmosphere for relaxation. Quiet, good breakfast, great view, I would gladly stay again. The only minor issue was that there was no way to lock valuables up after you check out.

Generator Hostel London

London, England

The main problem with my stay at generator hostel was the fact that the room was in many cases hotter than a sauna. The biggest room was downstairs and had no access to the outside coupled with one of the hottest weeks in London made it unbearable to be in. Everything else you come to expect with huge hostel chains. Good facilities, decent beer for the price, upcharging on basics (breakfast should be included). The location is excellent (I am biased because I lived in Bloomsbury for a year).

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Hey, Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us after your stay at Generator London. Obviously when sharing large rooms things can get a little warm, but we try our best to ventilate the rooms using our internal ventilation systems. Glad you enjoyed the location, its always been quite a possitive for our guests. We're really proud of our NEW bar, cafe, chill out and screening spaces so its great to hear your positive comments. Hope to see you again soon

St Christopher's Edinburgh

Edinburgh, Scotland

It was rather hard to meet people in this hostel, however I think that's just due to the situation I was dealing with, the bars are nice but I barely spent time in them due to the FRINGE, the hostel breakfast was decent but the 2 pound full english was more than worth it. I'd stay here again, good location.

St Christopher's at The Winston

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The hostel promotes a lot of drunken behaviour, and attracts not just a younger crowd but also a stereotypical party crowd, so if you don't like that I wouldn't recommend going, however the beds are great, the staff were very helpful and you can't get a better location for the "amsterdam experience"

Oops Design Hostel

Paris, France

The hostel is really trendy and interesting. The breakfast is standard. The staff is helpful for the basic touristy stuff but if you want some insider local stuff they don't seem to know or care to for that matter. The location is a bit farther than they describe though it's near a metro stop. The luggage room is a broom closet so what ends up happening is the bags flood common area until checkin.


The hostel is great and it was almost impossible for me not to meet someone. The staff were really helpful, especially the Italian girl (sorry I forgot her name). The location is good but in their directions they should probably describe that you need to look around when you get to Anvers station. Security was fine, no lockers but good luggage rooms.

St Christophers Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

This hostel is geared for big business, the hostel will always have someone at hand speaking English. The staff are very friendly and know the city well (ask for tips!). The rooms are immaculately clean and not something you would expect from a hostel (rainfall showerheads). The only downside is that it is more like a hotel than a hostel, the eclectic guests are great but it lacks the community aspect that the smaller hostels naturally create and some other big hostels work to create.

Westend City Hostel

Vienna, Austria

The hostel promotes meeting people for solo travelers with a lively common area. The location was nice considering how surprisingly large Vienna was. Staff were great, ask them for tips on where to eat, one of my best meals of my trip was a recommendation that one of the guys wrote down that I took to the microbrewery they recommended. Clean but for what you are paying you would expect the sheets to be handled.

Dubrovnik Backpackers Club

Dubrovnik, Croatia

This is everything you want a backpacker hostel to be, small enough to get to know everyone staying there, yet big enough to split into groups. The hostel owners are amazing and their tours are very personal. Make sure try to Milka's cooking (she can do vegetarian upon request). They are some of the nicest people I've met and the hostel is probably the best representation of what the backpacker hostels should be striving for.

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Athens Backpackers

Athens, Greece

The view is speechless, the staff is amazing, Daniel was remarkably helpful, took me around and gave me good tips for things around the area, everyone else was helpful to figure out how to plan the next legs of my trip, the bar is small but fun, and has the best view in the city, the people you meet are great, and the area is probably the safest in Athens (coming from someone who also stayed in Omonia).

Athens Easy Access

Athens, Greece

The staff is great, Aurora at the bar has some of the best tastes in music I\'ve come across. They really make you feel at home there. The area is indeed very unappealing, with a lot of prostitutes and drugs riddled about the streets, even though this was the case I felt very safe in the hostel, though I didn\'t go out at night.

Chillout Hostel Cafe

Istanbul, Turkey

The staff is really nice and helpful, will accomodate you as best as possible.

Traveller's Cave Pension

Goreme, Turkey

The hostel itself was very nice, the beds were fine just a little itchy, little to no security. The location was amazing with breathtaking views, the non-free breakfast was reasonable and tasted great.

Sydney Hostel Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey

This hostel is really nice, the breakfast is delicious and has a wide selection of food. The beds are nice and the staff is very friendly. I highly recommend it.

Equity Point Marrakech

Marrakech, Morocco

The staff always seem to have smiles and are really nice, it was immaculately clean which is surprising for the country. The Location is great because you really get to experience the Souks and the view from the terrace is great. The hostel has a bar (also a rariety for the country) so you have plenty of things to do, the pool was so nice, especially after a long day of travelling. The price was also amazing.

La Casa Mata Central

Malaga, Spain

The hostel is in the center of town and they had safes for passports, etc. The owner is friendly, though is oblivious with his dog, who is kind of unruley. The hostel didn\'t do much to promote meeting other travellers and was decently clean.

Kabul Backpackers Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

Staff are great and fun, especially the people handling the bar and cafe. The beer was decently priced. The rooms were immaculate with great security lockers. The location was off of Las Ramblas which gave you a good point to go anywhere, near a metro stop and walking distance from any Gaudi building or the beach. The character was great, with a large common room for socializing. The tapas deal is okay but with a little research you should be able to find it for a better deal if you have a group

NosDa Studio Hostel

Cardiff, Wales

The hostel is hip, clean and safe, the area is slightly out of the way and isn\'t the nicest, but the community aspect of the pub and gym makes up for it, with many locals in a pub meant for tourists.


I came in for the weekend, it was a great hostel, perfect for party goers and people who want a quiet experience (it\'s gigantic) you might be able to meet people but I prefer smaller hostels to get to know people.


Galway, Ireland

Every night I was here (dead winter) there were several groups of people ready to hit Galway\'s night life. Tons of cool people and an amazing staff, a lot more laid back than you\'d expect for the size of the hostel.

Paddy's Palace Belfast

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Staff were amazing and fun to talk to, really accommodating, talked about travel and met some awesome people here, stayed a day longer than I expected and the free trip was great.

Barnacles Temple Bar House

Dublin, Ireland

Can\'t get a better location, great staff, I was fighting Bronchitis and they basically gave me a 4 person room to myself until I recovered. I would not recommend coming here to meet people, the public areas were relatively quiet and every chair/couch pointed to some sort of screen giving people an excuse not to talk.

Bru Bar & Hostel

Cork, Ireland

The Bru is known by locals and travelers alike, I went to it with a cold so I wasn\'t able to experience the party, but I know it was happening, the food was fine, the rooms where a little cold though.