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Vilnius City Hotel

Vilnius, Lithuania

On the one hand, this place has absolutely zero character. On the other, it has everything you need, it's clean and it's reasonably close to the centre. There's a good, generous breakfast, and the staff are helpful. They could be a bit nicer to smokers, though, y allowing them to use the fire stairs on their floors - the walk to the street is a long one!

LEU Guest House

Vilnius, Lithuania

It's kind of a wacky hostel ... more a Soviet tower block than anything. The lift button goes "Thwack!!" when you reach your floor, which nearly gave me a heart attack the first few times! And the floor of the balcony doesn't quite connect to the vertical part, which will test you if you have vertigo. But if you enjoy a bit of post-Soviet weirdness, it's an interesting stay. Staff were good, especially Asta. Location a bit far from the centre, but near supermarkets etc. I'd probably go back.

16EUR Hostel

Tallinn, Estonia

It's my third stay at this hostel. I've always found the staff helpful and friendly, the facilities good and the location super convenient (slightly removed from the Old Town bustle, but within easy walking distance). Having tried a few other places in the Old Town with very mixed results, I think 16 Euros will always be my hostel of choice when in Tallinn.

City Hostel Krakow

Krakow, Poland

I've stayed in quite a few Krakow hostels, and I'd have to say this one is my pick. If the phrase "party hostel" appeals to you, then maybe look elsewhere, but for a comfortable sleep, a good location, obliging staff and no nasty surprises, this is the right choice. Location is particularly impressive - five mins from the bustling main square, and yet it has a 'tucked away in a quiet back street' feel. The breakfast is good too, and there are showers in every room (even if you book the single).

Piast Hostel

Wroclaw, Poland

This place is about convenience, full stop. It's 30m from the station, so if you pile off the train at 11pm and you don't want the hassle, you just stumble across the road and into a room. There's nothing special about it, but showers are adequate and rooms have a little bit of 'Soviet character'. Those who have been to Ukraine and are amused by the 'Withering Ukrainian Stare' will enjoy the receptionist - she's stunning, unutterably vain and glares at guests like a full-fledged Odessan.

Hostel Katowice Centrum

Katowice, Poland

This place is very new and hasn't quite had time to 'find its character' yet. However, the advantage is that everything is spotlessly clean, and you don't get the "Ewww!!" feeling that you get in some hostels every time you set foot in the bathroom. Rooms are comfortable, there's a balcony for smokers (no need to run downstairs every time), and it's well-located. By far its biggest asset, though, is its staff. They really couldn't be more helpful or more welcoming. I'd definitely go back.

Hostel Yellow

Krakow, Poland

There wasn't anything outrageously bad about this hostel, but I just had a kind of unpleasant feeling the whole time I was there. Bathrooms were only semi-functional and seemed dirty, room was a bit grubby, and the whole place was just ... well, average. Good breakfast, though.


Atmosphere here is more laidback and 'homey' than a lot of the places in the centre. Rooms are quite good, nice common room and a beautiful outside garden, and extremely friendly, helpful staff make it a really pleasant stay. There's one big downside, though: location. I arrived by bicycle, and from Krakow Glowny station, I felt like I'd cycled to another city! Still, if you can cope with a tram ride in the daytime and a 15-20zl. taxi fare at night, 'Elephant' is a good option.

Impresja Krasiczyn

Przemysl, Poland

I really loved this place. Re-conditioned from the ruins of the old castle stables, it has atmosphere to burn. Big wooden rooms, clean showers, friendly staff and a secure lock-up for bicycles are all selling points. Krasiczyn isn't exactly the most fast-paced corner of Poland, but if you appreciate the joys of sitting outside on a terrace at night, watching the stars and being nuzzled by cats as you catch up on your emails, Impresja will appeal.

Hikers Hostel Plovdiv

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

My overall impression of this place is good, and the staff were extremely helpful, but there was one problem: the cold! The dorms are on the main premises, and the private rooms are two streets away. This isn't a problem at all - it's only five mins' walk through a pleasant part of town - but in the building with the private rooms, the common areas are utterly FREEZING! Even when it's warm outside, it's icy inside. So if you come here, bring a big fluffy robe for your journey to the bathroom ;-)

The Babushka Grand Hostel

Odessa, Ukraine

This place is a real find: a huge and elegant old house, converted into a hostel but still with two people living there. Because the managers live on site, It has the feel of a home ... there are dinners around the kitchen table, the occasional cake going into the oven, and everything is relaxed with a 'personal touch'. One of the best hostel experiences I've had anywhere.

Hostel Yellow

Krakow, Poland

This hostel definitely checks all the boxes. The location could scarcely be better, it's clean, reasonably priced, and the staff are extremely helpful. Definitely my pick of the hostels I've stayed in recently.