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AAE Hostel Seattle

Seattle, USA

It is actually a hotel, with a very good price. I recommed to everyone!


A very well located hostel with a regular price.

Che Lagarto Hostel Montevideo

Montevideo, Uruguay

There are only three good things about that hostel, localization, the staffs and the atmosphere (all because the wonderfull staff). In general, the bedroom are VERY small and the bathroom are terrible.


The bedroom is very cold and also the shower gets cold some times. Usally, the staffs are VERY nice, but one lady in the kitchen (during the breakfas) is ALWAYS (ALWAYS) in a awful mood. The thing in the breakfast (like cutlery, mugs...) are not clean. Howvever, the hostel is just nice.

Astor Hyde Park

London, England

The hostel is very good, If you want to go to London stay there. The free breakfast is really good. The only bad point that I noticed, was the cleanliness in some bathroom wasn`t so good!