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HotelHotel Hostel

Seattle, USA

Great location in Fremont. Short 10-min bus ride to downtown. Everything in the hostel was safe and clean. We stayed in a private room, which was very modern and comfortable. You'll get some noise from the street, but we had ear plugs and they had a box fan in the room to help kill some of the noise.

Globetrotters/The Townhouse

Dublin, Ireland

Great place! More of a B&B feel than a hostel feel. Great amenities, rooms and FREE full breakfast!

Belfast City Backpacker

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Great hostel, but a bit out of the way if you're interested in city center attractions. The security was decent; the staff was friendly; and the amenities were excellent.

Derry City Independent Hostel

Derry, Northern Ireland

Definitely one of the better hostels we've stayed in yet. The facilities were excellent, clean and quiet. It's close to a couple of walking tours (through the cultural center and the Free Derry Museum) which were excellent as well. Definitely recommend and will stay in again if we're ever back in Derry!


Galway, Ireland

Loud for a place that has the name Sleepzone. I realize travelling on a budget doesn't give you the best amenities, but with large amounts of people in and out of the hostel, all we heard at night was the constant slamming of doors. Other than that, thew hostel was great - great kitchen, rooms and advice.

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Sorry about that - it's just peak season now - 200 + people/night makes it hard to keep a complete lid on noise levels... Sleepzone

Corrib Village

Galway, Ireland

Great amenities, but a bit far and secluded from the city center. Great free breakfast! If you're into more city-centrered activities, try another hostel, but this one is great for a peaceful and quiet feel.

Sheilas Cork Hostel

Cork, Ireland

Great for budget accommodation! Loud hallways and rooms, though.


Great Hostel! Right across the street from Trinity College and pretty much central to everything. A short walk in any direction form the hostel puts you anywhere. A great breakfast and kitchen (pancakes on Sunday!). Friendly and helpful staff will help with any questions. This place also had the BEST showers from our trip.