Reviews: Anonymous

Hostel Cat

Las Vegas, USA

Pretty decent spot and unbeatable for the money, just didn't have a lot of character, and the common area was quite small and cramped... much better to hang out outside in the courtyard. Would probably return next time in Vegas....

Seoul Base Camp

Seoul, South Korea

Absolutely one of the best hostels I've been too. Fantastic location, super clean, AWESOME SOCIAL ATMOSPHERE, extremely friendly, relaxed, and helpful owners.... all you can ask for!! Definitely coming back very soon. The layout of the hostel really makes it easy to meet new people, socialize around picnic tables, lounge about if youre a bit tired, have a drink on the roof without bothering those who are sleeping.... location is incredible RIGHT next to subway exit... 5 STARS for sure.


The rooms were super good...every room with a clean bathroom and shower and full size 'fridge. Not much of a "hang out" area or place to meet new people except your roommates. Hard to beat for the price and location though. Just don't expect a lot of socializing.

Oasis Downtown Vallarta Hostel

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Without a doubt one of the cleanest, best kept hostels I've stayed at. The facilities were spotless. Impossible to beat the location right in the center of downtown, very short walking to anything you want to do. The rooftop is great to just chill out and catch some breeze, and the staff is very friendly and ready to have a good time and party with ya. Fully recommended, zero complaints here.


This place is an absolute BLAST to stay at!!! I am glad I had the chance to come back once again! NOT a quiet place for sleepers... DEFINITELY a fun place to meet people and party it up in Miami!! Absolutely not to be missed. Staff is great, location is unbeatable, social vibe is incredible. Come here ready to have fun!

Las Camas Hostel

Jaco, Costa Rica

Really great vibe at this place! Everyone actually hangs out together, cooks dinner together (full kitchen and fridge! score!), bonfires on the beach, surfing, drinking.... The place is a little dirty, but a lot of that is due to constant sand being brought in (put a tray of water at the door maybe to rinse sandals?)...not really the hostel's fault. and the bathrooms are rather "aromatic"... but thats probably the fault of the basic sewer system. Awesome hang out spot!!


Absolutely the perfect place to stay in South Beach if you are coming to PARTY!! Music and movies bumpin every night, organized group discounts for clubbing, literally one block from the beach, everyone here was super friendly and in the right mood for fun. Potential problems for some people: this is a PARTY place. EVERYONE is up late, drinking, making noise. If you want a quiet stay, its not the place for you. LOVED IT!!! A+++++