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The B.I.G

Cape Town, South Africa

By far and away the best hostel experience I've had, though regretfully I was only able to stay one night. The premises were still being renovated at the time, but all the rooms were pristine. The complimentary breakfast was delicious, and the kitchen area clean too. Most importantly, the staff were extraordinarily charming and gracious. When they realized I had forgotten to buy sunscreen and was going out in 35 degrees Celsius weather, they lent me some to take with me. I hope to come back!

El Sol Hostel de Recoleta

Buenos Aires, Argentina

El Sol Hostel is careful to assert that it is not a hotel, but among the hostels I've visited it comes the closest. Quiet and welcoming, with friendly staff and an environment that manages to be secure without seeming oppressive or intrusive, along with a large open-air terrace that welcomes socializing and multiple easily (and often) cleaned bathroom/showers, El Sol Hostel had everything I needed and far more than I expected.