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Maze Hostel

Taitung, Taiwan

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Fengjia Walker

Taichung, Taiwan

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Hostel Ann

Nagoya, Japan

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  • 14th Oct 2013
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Not bad, but there are no showers (only a communal bath) and baggage storage is only in payed lockers. The hotel is sign posted (at least in English) only in the back alley, so it's hard to find following the instructions.


It isn't the ideal location (not bad either though), but it's a really cozy guesthouse and a chance to see inside the wooden houses. For me it was good for meeting people too. It's hard to find, so it would be good if either there was an English sign outside or the instructions here were more specific on what to look for.

A-yado Gion

Kyoto, Japan

Great location and good staff.

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Thank you! Our location is almost the center of Kyoto having good access to go to so many places in this city. We'd like to be friendly and helpful to you to make your stay more comfortable. Thank you for staying with us! And thank you for your comment!


Bangkok, Thailand

It is right on Khaosan Road and really noisy. The walls in my room were vibrating at 3am from music next door. Otherwise it is fine. Not the cleanest place but not bad. Doors are solid and have attachments for padlocks.

Matahari Lodge

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Good location and clean. The building and rooms were secure, but there were no locks at all on the main shower stalls. One of the staff members was very knowledgeable and helped us with travel plans. The others weren't able to help us with that but were otherwise fine. Note that AC is provided in the halls and carried into the bedrooms by fan.


Me and my girlfriend spent one night here. Our room was basically a hotel room, with an ensuite bathroom and TV and mini-fridge. It smelled a little of smoke, but was clean and comfortable. I didn't talk to the staff much, but the person who let me in was friendly and efficient. The location is very good for the Shida area.

Cake Hostel

Taichung, Taiwan

The woman at the desk didn't speak English or much Mandarin. They had an English card, and we ended up phoning someone else to get help. The woman did do her best to help us, and pointed us to the nearby university district. Later we met another person who we could talk to more (at least Mandarin). Our private room was a bit grungy, but ok. The bathroom was outside the room, and there was no lock. I think we actually had the whole floor to ourselves and were intended to lock the stairwell door.


Me and my girlfriend got a private room here for a night. The room was not bad, but a little grungy and somewhat noisy. Many walls were just dividers that didn't reach the ceiling. The locations is really good, right by the Main Station. There were a lot of people around, so I imagine it would be pretty good for finding people to talk to. We didn't see the staff after we were let in, so I didn't have any impression of them.