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Location: England, Gender: Male, Age: 32

Hostal Mochilas

Granada, Nicaragua

rooms were pretty basic, but at the price paid in such a central location i cant complain. It was pretty dead when me and my girlfriend were there and the wi-fi wasn't great, that said the hot tub was good to chill in just outside our room, staff were quiet but helpful and it quite handily has all the basic needs i.e. Kitchen, books, bathrooms and Beer! Would i stay there again.....possibly.

Hostel Orquideas

Cancun, Mexico

Pretty basic facilities, freezing or roasting hot water, in the centre of town which kinda sucks and the dorm was really cold at night die to the crazy air con, plus the pillows that might as well be a tissue. That said at the price they offer and the all important wifi working just fine I can't complain. If your just looking to kill a night or 2 before heading South you could do far worse. If you want to party in hotel zone it's better to splash the cash!

Dar Tighoula

Imlil, Morocco

No customer comment

Equity Point Marrakech

Marrakech, Morocco

i'm 90% certain my Iphone was stolen in the Hostel and I don't think they had Wifi (could be wrong as i no longer had my phone). the internet was 3 incredibly slow computers and the printer wasn't working. Also for a solo traveler it seemed just too big without much atmosphere and poor local info (no maps which are desperately needed there). That said It was quite a clean and beautiful place.

Mosaic Hostel

Rome, Italy

A little off the tourist centre, but not too far and close to the main Railway station. Facilities and security are top, only problem is the social atmosphere is low with no decent common room. That said it was off peak season and I wouldn't have a problem going back if I already had some travel buddies.

Perfect Hostel

Paris, France

No customer comment

Downtown Paraiso Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

good staff and an excellent location for a great price (Hell I sound like an agent!). Only average thing about it was the atmosphere, but it was off peak season and I got a free upgrade so i'll take that every time.

Astor Victoria

London, England

No customer comment


OK this is an amazing hostel for meeting people and has a great social yet laid back atmosphere, I ended up staying here on 3 separate occasions. That said the facilities are nothing to write home about with freezing cold showers (Fine for the tropics, but around the Himalayas?), Wifi's useless, food/drink a little pricey, my 1 good shirt was lost in the laundry etc. etc. Flashpackers need not apply!

Hotel Potala

Kathmandu, Nepal

A good hostel in the center of Kathmandu, though didn't seem to have much of a social side to it. also a little expensive with no dorms (yeah I'm a miser trying save every penny!)


even though they were renovating for the coming holiday season this guest house was still great. The owner came and greeted me by my first name as i walked through the gate, gave me a free upgrade for my first night (offered it the second as well when someone cancelled). Also offered to buy me my rail ticket on a tiny 40-50 Rp commission (First honest offer I've had on transport!). Add to that the cheap rates and the fact it's great to meet other travellers I will definitely stay here again.

Backpackers House

Nha Trang, Vietnam

No customer comment

A Little Bird Guesthouse

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Great location, good rate, though it wasn't quite the social place i had heard about. 7/10

NapPark Hostel at Khao San

Bangkok, Thailand

Clean and comfortable. Its a great place too meet people and make new travel buddies. i'll definately stay here when i come back through Bangkok.

Wild Rover Backpackers

La Paz, Bolivia

Great fun, good for booking trips, staff friendly and finally showers that work properly!

Lime House Youth Hostel

Buenos Aires, Argentina

No customer comment

Old Town Guesthouse

Melaka, Malaysia

Good clean Hostel with plenty of space. was quiet but again probably cos of the time of year.

Wheelers Guest House

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Accomodation is basic but clean, but at a very low price. Hostel seemed pretty quiet though we had missed the new year. The staff and particularly the owner are very helpful regarding local costs or showing you how to get somewhere, arrived early in the morning when booked for the next night and got a double bed for free until the room was ready. Only down side was the internet service, no printer or USB port.