Reviews: Anonymous

Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 37

Istanbul Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

I had a wonderful experience here. I was traveling alone and was interested in meeting other travelers and that's exactly what I found. The staff (Paco, Emre, etc) were very friendly and helpful and I also had great service from the travel agency (Magnaura Tours; Dan) that is attached to the hostel. Many people used this hostel as a 'home base'; they would trael to other cities and then return here before taking their flight home. I would definitely return to this hostel.

Quechua Hostal

Cusco, Peru

I had a great two days at this hostal. The location was great; it's located on a side street but the actual entrance is via a courtyard. Thus, my room was quite. The service was very friendly and were helpful, such as they lent me an clothes iron without hesitation. I was also impressed that they allowed people who were staying in other hostels but who were friends of people staying at Quechua to come over and socialize in the dining area because they had ample space.

Sol de Oro

Machu Picchu, Peru

NOTE: I MADE MY RESERVATION FOR SOL DE ORO BUT WAS BROUGHT TO A DIFFERENT HOSTAL CALLED HOSTAL ANGIE'S. THIS REVIEW IS FOR HOSTAL ANGIE'S. This hostal was fine; it was just off the plaza, everything in the room worked, it was clean, and there was hot water. Thus, I received the same level of accomodation that I was expecting to receive at Hostal Sol de Oro. That said, I wish the staff had been more forthcoming about why they moved us to the other hostal (the twp hostals have the same owner).


Thanks for a great stay. When I looked up this hostel online, I sensed that it had a unique character and would be filled with interesting people - and it was! Additionally, the staff were extremely friendly and helpful, from Carla who enthusiastically hailed us a cab to catch a show she highly recommended, to the gentleman in my room (purple door) who gave me a new mattress cover without asking because he noticed my bed needed one. Joey cooks a fantastic breakfast, too!