Reviews: tisaiahm3250

Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 45

Magnolia Inn

Panama City, Panama

Very clean. Young mix of travelers with more of a chill atmosphere, than a party. Perfect balance for me. Not a huge place, so if you're solo and looking to team up with others on a day trip or something, you might want to inquire at nearby hostel Luna's Castle trip desk.

Hostel Georgia

Tbilisi, Georgia

First, I did not actually sleep here. I arrived by overnight train at 8:30am, and after waiting 10 minutes for any staff to wake up and let me in, and once inside, observing the general shabbiness, and learning that there was no airport train at the time I needed, I decided to give up my deposit and go somewhere nicer, better located. Again, having to wake up staff to let me out. If you want cheap and to be close to the main train station, this might be an acceptable choice.


Very clean and tidy place. I recommend it, but note: there's no "lounge" or shared kitchen/fridge space, apart from the breakfast room, so there's not much of a "hang out and be social" vibe. I suppose in warmer weather, you'd be more likely hang out at the outside tables. I did not sleep well. I think it was a mix of jet lag, firm beds, and inside heat being turned up too high.

City Hostel

St. John's, Canada

The hostel is actually 3 different buildings on Gower street, so "mingling" for solo travelers may require a bit of searching. Try the kitchen / lounge at #31. I really appreciate their folder with East Coast Trail maps, it helped with planning my thru hike.


Merida, Mexico

Great pool and green garden and lots of hammocks. Pretty sociable and easy to connect with others for day trip. Great staff. Salsa lessons and live music on many nights. I think it could use an enclosed lounge for louder / late night socializing, for the sake of both the revelers and the sleepers, but other than that, excellent. I extended my stay.

Hostel Quetzal

Cancun, Mexico

Since Quetzal is in the more urban part of Cancun without much in the way of nearby attractions, most travelers seem to use it only for a night or two as a transfer hub for buses and flights elsewhere. But for the short time you're there, the included breakfasts and dinners really aid in traveler camaraderie. An excellent place to launch or wind down your larger trip.

Aluna Casa y Cafe

Santa Marta, Colombia

Very nice, clean place, and Patrick is ever cheerful and helpful. Not as many younger solo travelers, nor much of a social lounge area. Near shopping and bus collectivos, but roughly 10 blocks from the hub of beach and restaurant activity.