Reviews: tePer

Location: Switzerland, Gender: Male, Age: 29

Equity Point London

London, England

The Hostel is at a convenient location and is perfectly allright. The Hostel does not excell, but if you are looking for good value for money and a simple clean central place to stay at in London you will be perfectly all right here. The only problem we had was the door to our room, which would only sporadically open to our magnet cards. In the end we started entering our room gangster-style, sliding our magnet card in the slit between the door and the door-frame..... so much for security^^


Vienna, Austria

Very Charming, loads of musical instruments everywhere and its full of nice people :) the only drawbacks are that the whole hostel is quite small (4 or 5 rooms), its located in an apartmenat house, and you hear pretty much through the room's doors. But still: the hostel is really cool, the staff girl very nice, and if i come back to vienna i will stay there :)

Adelaide Hostel and Hotel

San Francisco, USA

This is a good hostel with nice breakfast cheap (but good) optional dinner and a cosy common room and fun activities (like bar crowls), if you don't know what to do in SF. . The only negative point I can think of is, that the & bed dorms are fairly small but I found it bearable.

HI Marin Headlands

Sausalito, USA

This is a beautifull Hostel very close to San Francisco (its in hiking distance) but it feels far away from the city (I even did not have cell phone vcoverage). I loved it, even if the sleeping rooms are nothing special and the showers are lets say "special" and would come back.


I did not like this Hostel even thought it has a decent infrastructure and a good location. In the evening, the manager kills any ambience with overloud music (the mainstream music you encounter in cheap clubs) and tries to bribe people into liking this place with free beer. There also is no free breakfast and the rooms are overpriced. If you are looking for the real hostel experience don't go here!


A Hostel as it should be. If you think about the hostelling community as one big family you will feel like home. Loved it :) ...And make sure you don't miss breakfast in the cosy breakfast room


The Hostel is more like a Motel with additional common Room and Kitchen. Probably not a good location when you don't have a car. Our room was very clean, very good value for money (private bath rooms are always a nice change when you are backpacking around :) )

American Dream Hostel

New York, USA

I thought the hostel was over priced - but then this is new york and on short notice all decent cheap places are booked out. The owners of the hostel are really helpfull and friendly, the breakfast is great and showers/restrooms are clean enough- The only real down point is that the so called three bed rooms had only two beds, one slightly larger, but I would never call it a double bed.


I stayed there a year ago, so some things might have changed. The hostel itself was good, the room I stayed in ok, the bathroom ensuite very clean. BUT: They booked 7 ppl in our 6 bed room, so the receptionist stormed in at 2! a.m. to figure out who should not be staying in the room. They seemed to have lost my name! but luckily i still got the receipt from the reception.. For my second night i was placed in a different room and the same happened!! A girl had to move to another room at 12 pm...

Apollo Bay Eco YHA

Apollo Bay, Australia

It has been a while since i have stayed at this great hostel. I've stayed in a cupple of hostels and I can say: this is one of the best hostels i have ever stayed in. Not too expensive, great minergy building, great facilities, great people. You can not be disappointed by this hostel

Central City Backpackers

Hobart, Australia

A good place to stay if you are on a budget! nothing bad to report about it which in itself is a very good thing :) I returned and would return again if I stay in Hobart.

Backpacker Headquarters Hostel

Sydney, Australia

It was just (but not much more than) ok to stay there to sleep. It was cheap thought, so the value for money was ok. If you are looking for a place to sleep and plan to be out most of the time it does the job.