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C.C.Ly Hostel Enna

Enna, Italy

No customer comment

Hostel Firenze

Palermo, Italy

la caratteristica principale è la posizione centrale in un palazzo antico. il vantaggio è che ci si trova in un luogo favoloso. lo svantaggio è che si vive senza ascensore, in una zona un po' sporca e con molti rumori dalla strada. suggerisco di portarsi i tappi per le orecchie.

Camping Zeus Hostel

Pompei, Italy

The trains pass just next to the camping but only during the day so we could sleep. It was very easy to reach the archeological zone from there (just one minute walking!). The same for the railway station. Room and bathroom are furnished, we did not need anything else. The courtains are broken so we could not open them. In my opinion it is a perfect place for staying only one night, only for sleeping and travelling the whole day.

Urbany Hostel Sevilla

Seville, Spain

I had a very nice time.

Agora Hostel

Catania, Italy

I had a very nice experience. The hostel is very hot so we were slepping with the fans on all the time (in the room there were 3 of them!)

AlterEgo Guesthouse

Trapani, Italy

I found everything I need, except the kitchen! I really like the experience I had in this hostel.

Youth Meeting Home

Florence, Italy

the place is in the very center of florence. it is a perfect place but sometimes, during the night, the noise from the street could disturb. you can not come back to the hostel before 5 pm, so every time you leave in the morning remember to bring with you everything you need!