Reviews: Anonymous

Location: Argentina, Gender: Male, Age: 30

Prague Square Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

They didn't accept Credit Cards. This is the first Hostel I've been where only Czech Crowns in Cash are accepted. They say they have Elevator, and they do have one, but you always have to climb the stairs up to the 2nd floor, as they don't allow yo call the Elevator on the first floor ("for security reasons"). To go out, you will also have to go on the stairs for at least one floor. It's nice that they lend you towels, adaptors, shower gel, etc without charging you.


Breakfast was really bad. There isn't a common kitchen. You cannot take food bought elsewhere and eat it there. Nearest tube station is at least at 15 minutes. Staff is not helpful. Wifi is really slow and only works at the bar, no wifi at rooms. I reserved a 4 persons room but was given a 6 persons dorm.

Mugraby Hostel

Tel Aviv, Israel

Not a nice option. There are really better choices for only one dollar of difference.

Way Hostel

Madrid, Spain

One of the best Hostels I've been at. Really enjoyed it. Really clean.

Sant Jordi Arago Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

Nice Hostel. Really small. People from various other hostels go there at night before going out. So if you want to go to bed early, it's not a good option.


I expected somre more tips from the Staff on where to go, but they always tell you to search on the guides they have printed. The room I was given has no lights on the beds, the lockers were not working fine. Not the best, but it's Average.

The Yellow

Rome, Italy

Really Nice Hostel. The best from all my trip. It's only 4 blocks from Termini. I really liked it.


It's a Really small Hostel, only one 8 person dorm and some double room beds. The staff is Excellent.