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Travellers Inn

Mumbai, India

Fantastic value

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Thank you for staying with us... your comments , suggestions are very important for us.. Thank you for your review.. it will help us to improve. hope to serve you again


This place is great on the whole - perfect location in the middle of Fountainhas, very cheap, big spacious room and a big lockable area. The hostel is actually a cafe with rooms, so that's interesting. Nice to get free filtered water! Perhaps they could do something about the terrible ant infestation in the bathroom and the room?... Re-grout in the holes in the tiling, lay some any powder down, I don't know but the ants are everywhere. In balance though the place a steal and I would recommend.

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We're glad you liked the hostel. Every summer, the ground gets too hot for the ants and they start their yearly migration into people's homes. We prefer a few ants to the toxic chemicals used to get rid of them.


What a great hostel. Extremely cheap, absolutely marvellous location (right where you want to be in the Fort, on the riverside between the mainland ferry and the Fort sights) and reasonably clean/good wifi/lockers! A rare place in India that's actually a proper multi-bed hostel so it's easy to meet other people and there is a place to drink right outside. Had a fun 2 nights here and would definitely recommend this if you decide to stay on the Fort side.

BED Hostel Colombo

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Awesome backpacker hostel! Location isn't ideal but only costs £1 to get into the centre. Cool staff, free computers, big breezy windows and tons of socialising. My wallet got stolen here (I was drunk it was my fault for leaving it out haha) but everyone was helpful. Use the lockers they offer you! Seriously awesome value for money. Cheers machangs!

Anchi Guesthouse & Apartments

Dubrovnik, Croatia

A stone's throw away from the station and dead cheap so I was happy. However, I feel that, rather than a 'guesthouse', this place is just a set of apartments with a ton of beds thrown into the rooms to maximise profit. There was no social area and little chance to meet anyone, so as a solo traveller I felt isolated. In 1 night of staying there were about 4 staff rotations, none of them introduced themselves. Great as a base to do Dubrovnik from; but not an experience in itself!

Silver Central Hostel

Split, Croatia

On the whole I enjoyed my time here. The staff were absolutely lovely and very helpful; the location is incredible and the hostel itself is cozy and clean. Lack of a kitchen was a slight let down. I stayed here twice, and on my second stay my phone was stolen while I slept. Whilst this ruined the end of my trip, I tried to put it into perspective; theft can happen to anyone anywhere and I don't blame the hostel's security. The American lady on the desk was so helpful so I'm grateful to her.

Dink's Place Hostel

Hvar, Croatia

I loved Dink's Place! Dink and Papa Dink are very welcoming - after walking there in the midday sun we were given cold glasses of water, and Dink gave us annotated maps with all his favourite spots. The atmosphere is really cosy, like a family - Papa Dink cooked the whole hostel a BBQ we sat round the table drinking and went out afterwards. Location is great, the facilities are cheap and cheerful... would love to go again.

Balaton Beach House Hostel

Balaton, Hungary

Loved Balaton Beach house. Such a unique place to stay, basically a 4 star hotel that has been smashed up and turned into a non-stop frat party. The staff were really cool and were backpackers themselves - couldn't tell who was working there and who was staying there to be honest! It was a great chilled out rest stop for us, loved the location right next to the beautiful lake. It wasn't the most secure, you could walk straight in and nothing... didn't bother me personally though. Cheers Scotty!

B Movie Hostel

Krakow, Poland

Had a great time here. As a very small hostel (45 beds) there are upsides and downsides: a computer, adequate fridge space, infrastructure for hostel-run events/tours wasnt available. HOWEVER, this was overshadowed by the lovely common areas and a very social atmosphere where everyone said hello and I had some great times. Really enjoyed it here - especially as a solo traveller, it's a great place to go.