Reviews: Anonymous

Tribu Hostel

Holbox Island, Mexico

We can only say good things. Honestly one of the best hostels ever. The attention to detail and the atmosphere of inclusion and joy were totally there, and I felt it was all sincere as well as intentional! Thanks for creating a jem in the crown of beautiful Holbox. T and T

Hostel Quetzal

Cancun, Mexico

Good visit. The vibe was not as sweet as I have experienced at Quetzal in the past...but that is more about me than the hostel maybe, but the staff seemed a little worn down and not as excited to be there as in the past. One suggestion to consider is offering free drinking to guests. If it is not too cost prohibative - that perk adds alot of comfort to the stay.

Poc na Hostel

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

(I did their survey too.) I loved my stay at Poc na. I have traveled alot in the world and I truly felt comfortable and relaxed and almost instantly felt a sence of traveler community there. Super clean too. Dance classes, yoga, spa, live music - totally cool