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Lagares Hostel

Mendoza, Argentina

No customer comment

Vidigalbergue Rio Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Thank you.

Wild Rover Backpackers

La Paz, Bolivia

Just strange the wifi was very slow or not working for my laptop while ok for people with tablets. But there are 4 computers with good connection so I was happy to work on what I needed to do.


wifi slow for laptops but ok for tablets. Still dunno why. of course many people online and even 2 networks but i tried both.

Hostal Yakumama

Cuenca, Ecuador

One remark about the lockers (reason why my Security=average): They are very fragile. Because they are homemade, it's easy to "destroy" the door with force or just to unscrew the lock. But apart from that, the hammock room is high so quiet safe. Perhaps even close the door between groundfloor and first floor at all times ?


Hostel changed name and there is a lot of works going on (painting, drilling, no water in swimming pool...) Current breakfast is 50m away and a bit small but I guess it will improve once in the hostel itself. Bu I guess by end April it will be awesome. WIFI was working well. (new painted) Pool place looks great.

The Pit Stop Hostel

Medellin, Colombia

3 nights. not far from EXITO supermarket & metro. Shared a 10 bed dorm which had 2 toilets & 2 showers. Pity is that there's no locker in the room. It's in a dedicated space. One night I came back at 8pm and there was a BBQ organized for I heard 10.0000 COP which seemed great but I would have liked to know about it like, the reception should tell or make a visible panel during the day this was going to happen as it's a way to meet people. So very minor drawback. WIFI was working in my room. :)

Duo Housing Los Angeles

Los Angeles, USA

They told me I would feel home and I enjoyed my stay there. I believe the place is excellent to stay cheap and have quick access to the 3 main parts of LA: Beach, Downtown, Hollywood. It's just 1 bus to go around, a bus is cheap and easy.


the beds are a bit moving to much when you sleep on level 3 of it. i fear they're not gonna last many years. perhaps bolts to be more tighten ?


really good value. far but cheap i guess for london.