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Hostel Razio City Center

Barcelona, Spain

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Travel Hotel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

It was okay! You get what you pay. They took some money from my credit card and it took almost two weeks until they gave it back, they didn't help me at all on the spot.

Amsterdam Hostel Annemarie

Amsterdam, Netherlands

nice hostel, it's not very close to the center but it's good.

Hostel Strowis

Utrecht, Netherlands

it closes at 2am on week days and 3am on saturdays and fridays, it was a problem for me. So you can't go out any day. Otherwise all good!

The Yellow

Rome, Italy

Really cool place, really fun and I met heaps of people from all over the world, the Yellow bar is also very nice. The staff are fantastic. I would definetly stay there again. I recommend it!!!!