Reviews: dezdeoutubro

Location: Brazil, Gender: Female, Age: 41

Stoked Backpackers

Cape Town, South Africa

I liked the staff at the reception. They were always interested in meeting our needs. People working at the Cafe are grumpy though. The hostel view overlooks the beach AND the train. So, be prepared to some noise specially pretty early in the morning. People don´t walk on the streets after a certain time. So, either you have a car or get a cab(expensive) to reach the nice restaurants+bars along the road. Muizemberg is such a windy place. Too chilly for summer time. It made me move to Cape Town.

Manga Hostel Lapa – Rio

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I´ve been to a bunch of hostels in Rio and I wanted to get to know this one. I don´t wanna trash this hostel in a lot of aspects so, I will just say I did not like it. A tip to the receptionist: smile and say "how can I help you?" instead of just staring at the potential guest. Justice be done to Quim (very professional) and to the shower. That is it.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I´ve stayed in a lot of hostels in Rio (mainly Ipanema and Leblon) but I´ve never felt so sad after leaving a hostel like this time. It is a small place which makes it easier to get to know other travelers. Staff is so polite and welcoming! I'm finally happy to realize that I found my home in Rio! Até breve, amigos!

Hostel Estoril

Buenos Aires, Argentina

There is nothing to add up here that hasn´t been said. All true. Greatest staff I´ve ever seen. They are very commited to your well being. Greetings to Helena and Edith, very professional ladies.


It's a hostel as it's supposed to be: with lots of activities, a wonderfut atmosphere and professional staff! Congratulations!


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The LightHouse

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Amei! Loved it! Cozy place, nice atmosphere and wonderful staff! I would def be back!

Lemon Spirit Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Location and staff are excelent. Just make sure to check on the cleanliness. It is the second time I´ve got bed bugs bites there.

Iguassu Guest House

Foz do Iguacu, Brazil

I loved everything about the hostel! The staff really cares if you are having a good time and if you are comfortable either singing karaoke ( Beyonce's got nothing on me!!) or taking a nap. I am already considering going back to this hostel. Loved it! Loved it!

Lemon Spirit Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I really liked it. Nice atmosphere, great staff (kind and helpful). Location? The best. I would come back again.

HI Paraty

Paraty, Brazil

It has a lot of character! Staff is excellent, really helpful. The place itself is cozy (hammocks and all) and there is a small pool and very beautiful view of the river. There are lots of common places which makes it easier to get to know people. There was a small problem with the sink but it was soon fixed. So, I think they really listen to whatever you have to say, being tips or complaints. It is clean and the breakfast, although simple, was good enough. I definitely would stay there again.


It was ok. A place to sleep and nothing more. Breakfast and pillow were a bit lame... The bed sheets smelled bad. In front of the beach, though this was not a clean and beautiful beach. I wouldn't stay there again.

HI Copa Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I´ve been to lots of hostels in a bunch of countries but this one is excellent! Great atmosphere and location, very safe and the staff is great, particularly Ricardo who is an awesome dude helping us all the way around!!! It is totally worth it!