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Hostel Siriri

Panama City, Panama

The best way to describe this hostel is as an Airbnb. It's a great place to stay and the owner is very nice but it doesn't have what I expect from hostels. For example there is little help or information regarding what to see or do in the city, the owner/staff don't speak the best English, etc. However the staff is very nice and even had a free bbq when I was there! The breakfast has improved since the comments below and the house/hostel is in a great neighborhood. I'd stay again!

Hostel Casa Jacaranda

Antigua, Guatemala

Hi! The hostel was great however a few recommendations for improvement: - The rooms in the front are a bit loud. You can hear the TV in the front, even when it's turned down low. - The hostel wasn't very "social". A lot of hostels I've stayed in have events so people can meet each other. Something as simple as hang out with beers. - The WI-FI would sometimes not work. There were lots of great things though! The breakfast was FANTASTIC and it was a very secure, safe hostel.

Dina's Hostel

Cairo, Egypt

This hostel no longer exists. I went to the address listed and could not find it. A nearby pharmacy informed me it had closed as well as the hostel I ended up staying at (thanks to Lonely Planet!). I'm not sure what Hostel World's system is for removing hostels, but I will send them an email informing them. Very disappointing and luckily I didn't have a major problem!

The Greenhouse

Arusha, Tanzania

Everyone is friendly and it's a nice, clean place to stay. It isn't "downtown" but still in a pleasant area which gives a more "real" Tanzanian experience. I walked into down (~40 minutes) and it was nice to see everything along the way. There are also buses and motorcycle taxis which can take you into town cheaply. All meals were included and cooked in house which gives you more of a local experience. Mosquito netting for each bed was good (but I think unnecessary) and a good hot shower.


This was by far the best hostel I've ever stayed in. The beds were amazing: large and great mattresses. They cleaned the rooms and changed/fixed up (I'm not sure) your sheets daily. At night the staff would hang out with you and have organized events. I wish every hostel was like this! The only bad thing to say is that the free breakfast was very basic. BUT, if you wanted to, they have a great breakfast menu you can order from. It's just not free.

Samba Green Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This is a new hostel and the owner is really into it. If there is anything he can do to make your stay better, he will do it. They have events at night to meet other people which is great and the owner himself even made us some dessert one night. My room was in the basement which to get to you had to walk outside a bit (but still within the security of the hostel property) to get to. If it rained it could be annoying. Beyond that, I highly recommend this hostel!

O de Casa Hostel Bar

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Great hostel and very friendly staff! The hostel is partly outdoors so if it rains (as it did my entire trip) you have to walk careful to not get wet. The location is good in terms of bars and restaurants (but about a 10-15 minute walk to the Metro). It is a fairly small hostel so there isn't a big social environment. All the above being said, the hostel was great and I would definitely recommend it!


They should really get curtains for each bed. Whenever someone entered the room I would wake up. Most hostels have a curtain or something. Also, it would be great to have more evening events so people can meet each other! They were fantastic with helping with directions, things to do, etc. It really helped out with my excursions in Tokyo!

Pandora after 80s

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

No customer comment

Happy Dragon Courtyard

Beijing, China

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Bahaus Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

The bathrooms were not very clean and they were not organized at all with who had what room, etc.

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Actually when you arrived, you requested to change the type of room you had originally booked. We tried to help you and let you change rooms, but told you that it was only temporary and you might have to move back to your original room if someone else had booked the other room. That's why you stayed in one room for one night and then moved back to your original reservation. So, it is not fair to comment that we are not organised with who had what room. It was your choice to move. Perhaps you need to be better organised when making an initial reservation to choose the right type of room from the beginning.