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Location: USA, Gender: Female, Age: 28

Yangshuo Showbiz Hostel

Yangshuo, China

- Amazing rooftop bar / with an incredible view. Arguably the best view in Yangshuo (compared to the other hotels) ... I really didn't see any others that could compete. - Rooms are clean, and spacious. - Free Washing machine and a dryer (have to pay for the dryer 12rmb for 1 hour) - The staff were very helpful Cons: - We put in about $4 worth of coins into the dryer, and it definitely dry our clothes -- also the time was going faster than what it was supposed to

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thanks for your review. we feel sorry the dryer became a cons. most of hostels don't provide washing machine and washing power for free but us. if you hang your cloths at the balcony, you pay nothing! the main reason for providing the dryer is for humid days and make customers feel conivenient. and we charge very less than laundry shops in yangshuo(they charge at least 15yuan/kg). most of situation that customers feel it drys too slow and pay too much is they put too much cloths in it!

Wada Hostel in Guilin

Guilin, China

- Outstanding staff: literally amazing people! SO HELPFUL most helpful ever in fact. - Good food in the hostel restaurant - Excellent Wifi - A lot of arrangements can be made through the staff - Great location next to the train station - Bikes for hire - Free towels Cons: - Bathrooms were a little dirty - Not exactly in the center of town, but can hire a bike - Guilin 'city' is more expensive than its neighboring cities (without the views) make sure to visit other parts !

Grand Theater Hostel

Shenzhen, China

I would only recommend this hostel if you're staying one night. It's not a great place, very dirty, and only one bathroom.

Dragon Hostel Hong Kong

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

The hostel is great. It's cheap, but in a good location with a friendly atmosphere. We spent almost two weeks there and enjoyed meeting people from all over the world. It's a bit small, but all of the rooms are like this in Hong Kong.

Fun Taipei Backpackers

Taipei, Taiwan

If you stay in the double ensuite, you'r not in a hostel. You're in an apartment style place. Which is great for privacy, and more of a local feel. However, if you wanted to meet people, you won't really be able to since it's not a hostel. And you won't be able to ask the front desk questions. This worked ok for me, but maybe it wouldn't for everyone. The internet worked great, and the place is in an excellent location. I really recommend staying here.


This was our second time staying here. The first time we had a deluxe double bed, this time we had the regular double bedroom. It was definitely much smaller than the deluxe, and not as pristine in terms of the paint on the walls. Nevertheless, it was a clean and convenient place to stay and we most likely will stay here again. The staff wasn't as friendly as they were the first time. They seemed annoyed to answer questions.


This was a great place to stay and we highly recommend it. We stayed in a double room.

Rivoli Cinema Hostel

Porto, Portugal

The guy staff were way nicer than the girl staff. The internet didn't work upstairs, which I wouldn't have stayed there if I knew. Great social environment, location and style to the rooms.

Home Lisbon Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

The girl who works there during the day during the week is one of the best people I have ever met in hospitality. SO helpful. Thanks again. It's a great hostel, the beds are just squeaky. Overall such a great deal and I would stay there again.

International Guesthouse

Madrid, Spain

This hostel is great! It\'s in a perfect location, literally around the block from the metro. When you first get there, it is a little hard to find The reason I am giving it a poor, on the cleanliness is because I definitely had gotten bitten while staying there. I don\\\\\\\'t know if they were bed bugs or bed mites, but it really was unfortunate. I also didn\'t see them come in and clean after 3 people had left my room, so a part of me wondered if they dont change the sheets.

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I better dont asnwer to this, we clean and change sheet.

Nomads Byron Bay

Byron Bay, Australia

This is, to this day, one of the best hostels I've been in. Google, The Gabtrotter, and I put up pictures and wrote a review on my travel blog. Just search the blog. Only issue was the beds were squeaky. But loved it! Friendly staff too.