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Location: Brazil, Gender: Male, Age: 41

LimeTime Hostels - V. Madalena

Sao Paulo, Brazil

I stayed for two days, payed for a dormitory with shower en suite, but there was NO HOT WATER IN THE SHOWER. I almost died of cold in the first day, complained that the shower didn't work but they didn't fix it so I had to take a cold shower again. The impression I had was that the bar is their core business and the hostel is just a side business. Staff, except Barbara, were very negligent, inattentive. I needed some information about places in the city, but they didn't care to help me.

Hostel Alice

Sao Paulo, Brazil

No customer comment

Tu Casa Hostel

Sao Paulo, Brazil

The hostel is close to the subway and it is located in a quiet neighborhood, so it is a good choice for those who want a relaxing night with a good sleeping. The facilities are very good, especially the en suite shower of the dormitory. Sfaff are very friendly and helpful. Cleanliness is another good point of the hostel.

Lisetonga Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

It should be clear on the site that it is located about 200 meters up the hill of Morro Chapéu Mangueira, a slum, a "favela". Even though it seemed to be safe, I think it would be more honest to make it clear. When I booked there was no review mentioning that fact. Besides that, the hostel is quite noisy day and night, due to noise that comes from the street, from both the sport and music court in front of the hostel and the bars around. As for the breakfast, I hate it when there is no baguette.

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Thank you for staying with us. Be sure we run an honest place and it is at no point our intention to be misleading in our description. We had long conversations about whether market Lisetonga hostel as favela hostel or just another neighborhood hostel. When travelers ask us about favela hostels we recommend other good hostels, such as The Maze or Vidigalbergue, in Tavares Bastos, and Vidigal, respectively. It is very 'in' these days to be a favela hostel in Rio de Janeiro, but we decided we will not market ourselves as such for a simple reason. The street Ary Barroso is not in a favela. While understand that going up, as you say, about 200m hill may be not pleasant and we also understand that there are better looking streets than Ary Barroso street, we respectfully disagree that any slope is automatically a slum. Babilônia and Chapeu Mangueira are close to our hostel and you can reach them if you continue walking up the street for a while.


The hostel is new and is passing through renovation. The forniture is simple, but ok. The neighbourhood is safe, there are good bars nearby and it is easy and fast to go to other popular regions of the city by bus, like Ondina and Farol da Barra beaches. Washington, the owner, and all the staff are very nice and friendly. There are lots of trees everywhere, beautiful avenues and good malls. There are amazing beaches just outside Salvador, up to 80 Km along Estrada do Coco/Linha Verde road.

Ace Backpackers Youth Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The cellphone of a friend disappeared from her stuff in her room. She was very polite in the way she communicated it to the hostel's owner, but she was treated in a rather impolite way. The owner told other guests that my friend was crazy, that she had lost her mobile somewhere else and bad things of this kind. Definetely, clients and people in general shouldn't be treated like that.

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Let´s clarify some points: 1) Vania (the manager NOT OWNER) has been offended by the guest. NOT the opposite as you mention her. The guest insisted many times the mobile was robbed inside the hostel and created a miserable atmosphere among other guests around our place. The guest shouted many times to the manager. That day Vania had worked from 6am to almost 12pm and she did know everything what was going on. 2) We had double checked the cameras and nothing disappear that day from N&¨%$$A. NOTHING! Even an underwear! 3) We have lockers, cameras and signs at the hostel we are not responsable for guest´s belongings. If people do not take care what they own we cannot do that. It is clearly stated. This procedure is standard anywhere you go even in a 5 stars hotel. 4) This review is a shame because as I could see nothing has happened to you and honestly incompreensible because you rated us with GOOD review for security. What does this mean in fact? 5) We are working in this hostel for the past 7 years and our security rates at this moment is 86% compared to many hostels in Europe and even in the States this is a fantastic good rate. Shame of your part to do a comment here. Em português: Temos cameras e lockers e nao somos responsaveis se voce nao cuidar de suas coisas. Por isso mandamos guardar tudo no lockers. As cameras foram checadas 2 vezes por funcionarios diferentes e nao foi encontrado nada mencionado a respeito desse celular. A gerente é quem foi ofendida nao o contrario. Utilizamos sempre a politica do "Cliente tem sempre razão". Mas filmamos e eu uma das proprietárias vi tudo. É lamentável esse review ainda mais partindo de outra pessoa que conheceu no albergue. Eu realmente neste caso prefiro confiar na minha funcionária que NUNCA me deu problema grave. A dica é para qualquer lugar que voce va se hospedar: cuide de seus pertences. Apenas isso! Não me surpreenderia NEM UM POUCO que nada houvesse sido perdido ou roubado!