Reviews: jessalee

Location: Canada, Gender: Female, Age: 25

Hostal El Momento

Granada, Nicaragua

Great hostel with perfect location and really nice staff. They let us keep our bags there all day even though we had checked out. Only downside was that our private room (#3) was literally inside the kitchen so it was a bit noisy. Other than that it was great and I would 100% stay here again!

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Sorry you did not enjoy the room, we do describe all the rooms so that guests can see what type of room is available and this is mentioned and why it is at a cheaper price. Many guests are surprised that some rooms only have 1 bed and we do have a description,, we can only give the information and leave it up to the guest to either read it or not before making a reservation.

Managua Backpackers Inn

Managua, Nicaragua

Good location, pool is a plus and they serve breakfast in the hostel for pretty cheap. There is a good Cuban place around the corner but its a bit of a sketchy neighbourhood. The internet was also down the day we were there, other than that it was great!

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Unfortunately, we have had some recent troubles with the internet connection here due to problems originating at the internet provider. Fortunately, since you stayed with us, the internet company has been able to resolve the problems, so everything is now working well with the internet/wifi. Thanks for your feedback!

Living Lounge Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

I was in Europe for 10 weeks and stayed in manyy hostels and I can say that this is hands down one of the best. Fabulous location, breakfast, staff, rooms, dinners, character.. everything about this hsotel is amazing. Feels more like a hotel. Best place in Lisbon!

Guesthouse Argonauta

Obidos, Portugal

Loved this hostel! Great location, huge rooms, amazing owner, fabulous breakfast...everything is great! I would definitly reccommend staying here!

The Garden Backpacker

Seville, Spain

This hostel has a great staff, great location, cool activites like a free walking tour etc, but I dont know if Id stay here again. The security guard wouldnt let us hang out in the common room after midnight, and knocked on our door and told us to be silent. Also, we never got to eat breakfast because a) it doesnt start until 9, and b) the receptionist was late so it didnt get going until 9:15 and we had a train to catch. If you start breakfast earlier I will come back!

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hola jessa! first of all thanks for leaving a review! we just want to state two things: -we have to close the common rooms at midnight because other people who have to get up early need there sleep and also because we don`t want trouble with the neighbours or the police (they are quite strict here). and by the way sevilla is wonderful at night!!! -breakfast starts at 9 a.m. as we inform you at the check in (we used to have it earlier but it got too loud). the receptionist was at the hostel at 5 to nine and put the breakfast out as soon as she got there which means that everything was ready at 9.05a.m.! nevertheless we hope to see you again in sevilla! the garden team and jaime ysern manager

Hotel Prime

Montpellier, France

This hotel is really far out of the way. Its nice but Im sure you could find something closer to the city center for the price.


This hostel is really, really nice. The bar is super cheap and they have excellent meals every night that arent expensive. I dont know if I would stay here again though because its so far out of the way, it was such a hassle to get back.

Rina Rooms

Cinque Terre, Italy

Well it would be nice if they told us you cant check in until 3 pm, and that you have to do it at a different location. We had to get the people at the train station to call the owner 3 times because we had no idea where to go. The rooms themselves were nice and it was a good location but I wish they had told us where to check in.

Hostel Beauty

Rome, Italy

This hostel was..interesting. Its nice, a good location and decently clean but I would not go back. The owner was so inappropriate and made me feel so uncomfortable the entire time we were there, I avoided him at all costs. If you are a female and don't want to get hit on every time you walk into the hostel, go somewhere else.

Old Town Hostel

Zadar, Croatia

I loved this hostel! The location is amazing, and the owner is incredibly nice. He even took us out for coffee and drove us around. Its really easy to meet everyone in the hostel, and we had an amazing time. I would definitly reccommend staying here!

Paprika Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

This hostel was amazing! You stay in their actual house so its like one giant family hanging out in the living room and cooking together. The staff is so friendly and helpful. Its right near a train station and within walking distance of lots of stuff. Unfortunatly, we didnt get any home cooked meals, but we would go back again for sure! I would 100% reccommend staying here!!

Hostel ELF

Prague, Czech Republic

Really hard to get to from the train station, so make sure you google map it beforehand. Otherwise it was a really good hostel, it was easy to meet and hang out with people.