Reviews: kassiebagley8731

Bada Bing Hostel Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey

good place to be a solo traveler, or at least I was very lucky with the people staying there at the same btime as me. fun night events and rooftop bar, staff who is very invested in making sure you see the best of Istanbul, extensive breakfast, good location - easy to get to tourist attractions with tram, easy to walk/cheap taksi ride to bars, nargile cafes, etc. only complaints: wifi only works in lobby, not in rooms. beer at rooftop bar is significantly more expensive than nearby shops.

Freedom Traveller

Rome, Italy

Thought security was good due to keys for each section, liked that the hostel was cleaned thoroughly daily and didn't mind the lock out considering how clean it made it. Only two complaints: room next to reception is really loud, and shower in that room does not drain well (which would be disgusting except that its cleaned so often, so really it's the annoyance of having to take really quick showers to avoid overflow)

Smart Stay Hotel Station

Munich, Germany

Clean and extremely easy to reach from train station. I stayed in a single room so I can't really judge the fun factor, but the common area wasn't very big. Otherwise nice place to stay, and a very affordable single room if youre not looking to stay in a dorm

Copenhagen Downtown Hostel

Copenhagen, Denmark

Everyone complains about all the costs and hidden fees, but that seems to be pretty standard with many Scandinavian hostels. So if you're going to have to deal with that anyway, you may as well stay in a place that has a great location and is walking distance from the town center and train station, and is clean enough. Don't pay for the breakfast though, you can get better for cheaper elsewhere.


Ljubljana, Slovenia

location was great and most residents of hostel were friendly and fun. bedrooms were nice enough, bathrooms were average to below average. you never knew if staff would actually be at the front desk (Though when they are, they are VERY helpful, just inconsistent). also, in portion of hostel our room was in (hostel is divide into different parts) main area is open to anyone, door just opened (doors to individual rooms were protected by lock)