Reviews: Anonymous

West Two London

London, England

DIRTY DIRTY DIRTY! It was dirty and expensive. It's old, it smells very bad and I couldn't sleep at all because of the noise. Sheets were dirty. The window was broken. It is simply a disgusting and expensive hotel. I paid 40 pounds to sleep in dirty sheets. The smell of the pillow was unbearable.

Notting Hill Hostel

London, England

I have stayed in around 30 different hotels in London. This was definitely among the three WORST. London hotels are famous for being dirty, and this was not an exception. My room was on the fourth floor, there was no lift . The carpet was disgusting. There were no towels, the bed sheet smelled really bad, I don't think they had changed them. The shower room was very dirty. I paid almost 40 pound for this...AVOID IT!