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Retro Moldova Hostel

Chisinau, Moldova

A cute and comfy hostel in a great location. The internet was very speedy and allowed me to make many calls back to the US with no problems. I would really like to return to Moldova, and when I do, I will stay here. Also, the coffee at breakfast was delicious!

Grace Walk B

Swellendam, South Africa

This place was adorable and absolutely perfect for our needs. We were just in town for one night and needed a place to sleep, but after seeing the place we wished we had set aside more time. The guest house is a great space, with lots of nice features. The pool looked excellent and I wish we had time to use it while we were there. The owners were very nice and helpful. The restaurant Field and Fork which is a couple of blocks away is also perfect. I will definitely stay here again!

Train Lodge- Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa

We were arriving in Cape Town late and needed a place to stay for one night before moving into another hostel for a week-long stay. This place was poorly reviewed, but was the only place we could get a reservation. We should have just slept in our car instead. This is the worst hostel I have stayed in. The facilities are worn, the staff very unhelpful, and the location not good. It took us 1.5 hours to check in. Staying in train cars is a neat idea, that has been horribly executed.


A very nice house with great facilities and very good location for visiting Karen sights such as the Giraffe Center and Elephant Orphanage. However, this place is difficult to find and is not labeled well from the outside. Our driver could not find the place for about an hour even after speaking with the hostel on the phone. Be sure to have good directions/map or arrange a transfer with the hostel itself. Othewise though, everything was great!

Residence Rooms

Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

This is a delightful hostel, and one of the best ones I have stayed in during my travel to 50+ countries. The rooms are warm, comfortable, and clean. You will feel like you are staying at a friends house, and receive great hospitality! I met many friends in the common room and had a lot of fun exploring Sarajevo!

Santa Mix Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A great hostel, with great staff, facilities, and sense of community. The location is a bit far from the beach, and a refreshing change from most of the party hostels in town. I made excellent friends here and had a great time tagging along on the excursions the hostel organized. Will definitely return to this hostel when in Rio next time.

Fulano Backpackers

Bogota, Colombia

A gorgeous new hostel with some of the best facilities I have seen in my traveling career. The staff are exceptional, the internet is fast and reliable, the location safe and convenient, and I will definitely return to this hostel when I return to Bogota.

Grand Hostel Medellin

Medellin, Colombia

A wonderful hostel! It felt like I was staying in a friend's home. The woman who runs the hostel is very helpful and looks freakishly like Susan Sarandon. The security for the house was good, but there was no lockers and very casual key system for the rooms. I would have preferred more security for my valuables, but it worked out fine... the hostel is small and works off of a trust system. Just FYI. The pro's definitely outweigh the cons at this delightful hostel.

Vy Khanh Hostel

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

The BEST location, especially if you are arriving into the city by bus. Great staff, very helpful, and the provided map and list of things to do really helped us plan. I will stay here again when I return to Saigon.

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Dear Guests, Thank you for your comment. We love to see you again. Warm regards from Vy Khanh Guesthouse, Ms Vy

Siem Reap Rooms

Siem Reap, Cambodia

I have no complaints. This hostel is top notch and the staff are wonderful. Having traveled the world, I can say this hostel is world-class and at the top of it's game.

The Gershwin Hotel

New York, USA

Great location, the best actually. Awesome character and comfortable beds. But there are some "basics" that they are missing. Might not stay there again. I stayed in a room with 10 people, but there was only one bathroom: Not great, but acceptable. Only 3 outlets for 10 people: Horrible, but not a deal breaker. No lockers, anywhere.When asked where I could store my laptop while I was out, they told me to put it in my bag under my bed: Unacceptable for a hostel in NYC. Encourages theft.

Tbilisi Hostel

Tbilisi, Georgia

Very fun hostel and great staff. The location is in a non-touristy area which is fun. It feels a bit like camping here, so go in with that mindset and you will have fun. :-) Would stay again when I return.

Students & Travellers Inn

Athens, Greece

Very fun hostel and great staff. The location is in a non-touristy area which is fun. It feels a bit like camping here, so go in with that mindset and you will have fun. :-) Would stay again when I return.

Apple Hostel Italy

St Petersburg, Russia

This was one of the best hostels I have ever stayed at. The location is excellent and very near all of the sights in St. Petersburg. The staff are very detail oriented and kind, and even fed us multiple times! :-) Stay here, you will not regret it!

Kelly's Courtyard

Beijing, China

Kelly's Courtyard was spectacular! Exceeded expectations in every way. We will definitely stay there again if we return to Beijing. Bob took very good care of us and went above and beyond! I have stayed in countless hostels, and this one ranks in the top 5.

HI - New York City

New York, USA

A firmly above-average hostel. Everything was great except the price, but hey... it's NYC!

St Christophers Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

Like a 5 star hotel, with bunk beds. The whole place is new, clean, secure, fun, and posh.

The Flaming Kiwi Backpackers

Queenstown, New Zealand

This was the best hostel I have ever stayed in. I was only going to stay 3 nights, but extended to 5 nights because it was so perfect. It felt just like I was on vacation with friends and was staying in a rented house. All of the staff were super friendly and helpful and the hostel was always very clean and warm. The bed was the most comfortable I have slept in at a hostel. The location (about 5 minute walk from town) was very quiet and had good views of the mountains. Don't change a thing!

Travellers Oasis

Cairns, Australia

My stay was excellent! Everything worked out perfectly and they were very helpful.