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Dancing Elephant N1 Party Hostel

Koh Phangan, Thailand

My boyfriend and I chose the 19 bed dorm room during the full moon party because we wanted to meet people. The 19 beds are actually double beds so there were about 40 people there. It was simply too many people, most of whom were on the prowl and weren't the type of people we were looking to hang out with. If you have a big group who just want a place to crash it's perfect. Otherwise this place isn't for you. The common area was subpar as well so no one hung out there.

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"Dancing Elephant is a mixing bowl, you are the ingredients and the recipe is always tasty" We are providing a tool, NOT choosing who is booking. We mistaken 40 VS 19 and you was unhappy(our bad). You didn't like the others travelers we will change them next time... The bar is 2500 sqft, one of the biggest and most beautiful party place in the village. Would you prefer a crappy place? Dancing Elephant is a BACKPACKERS place not a 5 stars hotel...sorry to be what we are: a backpackers hostel.

Angkor Wonder Hostel

Siem Reap, Cambodia

The hostel was in a good, convenient location. The staff were very friendly, but they gave us some incorrect information (like what time our bus was coming), which was just an accident but slightly annoying. Also, despite booking a room in advance, they didn't have the room when we arrived, and we actually stayed in another guesthouse next door. Again, not that inconvenient but slightly annoying -- especially since we booked in advance.

Link Corner Hostel

Bangkok, Thailand

The location of the hostel is right off the airport shuttle so it was easy to find and get to/from the airport which is what I wanted. But it was at a main junction and traffic was very noisy. In all other ways, it was a fairly average hostel.

Neptunes Town Hostel

Killarney, Ireland

The location of the hostel was fantastic because it was right in town. We upgraded to a private room in the just built portion of the hostel so it was very clean and new. Breakfast was fine. Free wi-fi and a nice common area with couches and tables. The staff were friendly and helpful and laid back. Overall, it was a great place.

Baobab Guesthouse

Cape Coast, Ghana

They do not pay attention to who books through Hostel World. Email or call them directly. Do not book on Hostel World or else they will not have a room for you when you get there.

Crystal Hostel

Accra, Ghana

This is a no frills hostel in an area that isn't very exciting. However, it is very clean and the staff is fine for such cheap money. They picked me up at the airport no problem.

Abigails Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

I really liked the big lobby/kitchen area. There were plenty of tables and couches and a TV for when guests have downtime. Also free Wireless Internet in the lobby was really great.