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Kick Ass Hostels

Edinburgh, Scotland

For the location, if you like being near pubs/bars/party area, this is the hostel for you! It is right on the grassmarket with lots of pubs in echo distance away. If you are a light sleeper, however, you will most likely not sleep well. People are out later at night and do make a lot of noise. The other issue I had is that for the money I paid, I got nothing more from what I paid at Castle Rock, except a walk up a hill to get to the bus station, and the price was significantly more.

The New Day

Busan, South Korea

I loved this hostel! The staff was so friendly and kept the place incredibly clean. As I traveled on a Korean holiday, I had the unique pleasure of seeing them interact with both Koreans and foreigners (sometimes hostels will only have Koreans or foreigners, not both). What was nice to see is that they treated both Koreans and foreigners the exact same! The location to Haeundae station as well as the beach is amazing. They are pretty up on their security as well.

Backpacker's Home

Jeju Island, South Korea

I absolutely loved this hostel. The owner has recently gotten two puppies, that are adorable. The staff at the desk speak English and have really good recommendations for where to eat or what to do. There was a few that didn't speak excellent English, but they were upbeat, and would try to understand as best they could! I will definitely go back to this hostel when I am in Seogwipo next! Conveniently located for all items on the south part of the island!

The Forest Hostel

Jeju Island, South Korea

The location was very convenient for the airport. As I just stayed one day, I cannot attest to whether it was convenient for getting to other locations. Other girls said that it was convenient for the lava tube caves as well as Hallim Park. Basically, if it was a place on the north part of the island, this hostel is a great location. The English level of the staff was fantastic. They were also very helpful. The only thing that I would suggest: some form of black tea for English speakers!

Orange Guesthouse

Seoul, South Korea

This place is conveniently located for the Hongdae area in Seoul. The people are friendly, and for the cost, it is definitely worth it!

A&O Nuernberg Hauptbahnhof

Nuremberg, Germany

This hostel was very good. The people were friendly, and the room was very nice. Only caution is that some of the 4 bed rooms are two beds squished together, so if you are a party of two and don't feel comfortable with that, make sure to mention it.