Reviews: Anonymous

Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 27

Hostel Colours

Milan, Italy

The staff were accommodating, I have nothing but good things to say.

360 Hostel MalasaƱa

Madrid, Spain

The staff were very personable and the facilities were quite good. Thank you.

Alberguinn Youth Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

I had a good time. The facilities and staff were accommodating.

Hotel Touring

Bordeaux, France

I had a great time staying here.

Smart Place Gare du Nord

Paris, France

The only complaint I have is that there are no shower curtains and the bathroom floor stays wet most of the day. Other than that I enjoyed my stay.

Hotel the Moon

Brussels, Belgium

Good work.

Hostel Van Gogh

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I only stayed one night, but I enjoyed the facilities.

Generator Hostel Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark

You're doin' good.


You guys are awesome, a little slow at the reception, but still awesome.

Hostel One Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

First thing I should say is that I paid a little bit extra to say in the 4 room mixed for two nights and ended up by myself the whole time, which was RAD! The bathroom was good and always had hot water. Here's the deal: this place is definitely meant for the young, the staff was young, the basement, bare brick bar and staff were young and everyone was lookin to party. The location is out of the city center, but good food and bars all around. Always lookin for ways for people to interact.

Do Step Inn

Vienna, Austria

Stayed in a private room. It felt like I had my own little apartment. Staff was awesome and had some good chats about music and festivals. The breakfast was relatively cheap and filling. The laundry was a bit expensive (12 euro) and it took a whole day, but was done well. Definitely would recommend.


Bed bugs. Jesus, there were so many bed bugs.

Emerald Fields

Florence, Italy

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