Reviews: oxthowe5289

Mec Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

A very good hostel that fills all the basic necessities. 24-hour staff was also quite helpful. I just have 2 suggestions for improvement. (1) Allow guests into the kitchen earlier, for example at 7 a.m. The cleaner can clean around them. It was a little annoying when I wanted breakfast at 7, but couldn't get to the food I bought the night before. (2) Bathmats outside the showers. Other than that, I had a great experience. I would stay here again.


I have 2 suggestions on how to improve the hostel: 1) Add a kitchen for guests so budget travellers can cook their own meals. London is expensive after all. 2) Put bathmats outside the showers. Many guests don't have the sense to dry themselves BEFORE stepping out so we often get big puddles. Otherwise a good hostel. Staff is friendly, atmosphere in the lounge/pub is good, Free breakfast is good, location is good...this is a good hostel

Fukuoka Backpackers Hostel

Fukuoka City, Japan

This is a very nice hostel. It's in a good location (15min walk from Hakata Station), staff is friendly, it has a spacious yet cozy common room, and it's very clean. My only complaint is that my top bunk was directly underneath the AC, so it became VERY cold at night. If you're in a bottom bunk, it should be OK though.

May Rooms Taipei

Taipei, Taiwan

This was a great hostel. The showers were warm and the beds were comfortable. The staff was also very friendly and helpful. The location is great, too. It's close to the subway station and has good access to the rest of the city, but is in a location just far enough away to be peaceful. I would definitely stay here again.