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Toronto, Canada

Great stay here although every hostel bar should be connected to the outside to also attract locals, being the reason why we travel is to meet the locals. Staff were also really helpful and friendly. i also stayed at the montreal and ottawa HI's and 9 would go back and stay in those ones too! The member/non member thing is pretty lame though

Mambo Tango Youth Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

If you go barcelona you have to stay at this hostel! Thanks to all the staff and Cacau made us a really good cake! The only thing i would change is the pub crawl. i really enjoyed the pub crawls but most of the places we went to were really overpriced, more local bars needed. and luiz cooking was delicious and unbeatable for €2!! Cheers SJMT!!

Mosaic Hostel

Rome, Italy

Overpriced but so is the rest of western europe. i enjoyed my stay here. Good shower and there was decent size lockers for valuables. Staff were friendly and helpful and its close to the termini.

Carpe Noctem Vitae

Budapest, Hungary

Cheers to all the vitae crew for an awesome stay in budapest cant speak highly enough of this place. if you dont enjoy your stay here your name must be vanilla! :-)

Woodstock Hostel

Paris, France

Every hostel need lockers and this one had none except for small valuables which i did appreciate. Breakfast was good and i can never argue with free breakfast. The atmosphere was decent but if they had a bbq in the courtyard for bbq nights if they held them would be awesome. In saying that, because the wifi was terrible it was easy to talk to people and i had alot of fun. A bbq, lockers and decent wifi would bring this place close to a 10/10. and the staff were always helpful!

International Budget Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you didnt come to amsterdam to get stoned, dont stay at this hostel. The whole place smells like weed. Wasnt a big problem for me but it would be good to see adequate ventilation in the smoking room for people who dont smoke because it is the only common area. Other than that the hostel is actually quite good. Showers were alright, the beds were comfy and the lockers in the rooms had more than enough room and the staff were always helpful. I had great people in my room so i really enjoyed it.

Lagan Backpackers

Belfast, Northern Ireland

I saw previous review about the service of breakfast. They are all wrong. For starters, its free! and second it is fresh and when you get eggs, toast, beans, and tomato in less than 10mins at peak breakfast time you shouldnt be complaining. Wifi was excellent, beds were comfy and warm, showers were good and they had massive lockers in the room for bags, etc. Staff were super helpful and the owner (im assuming he was) was really helpful. Great place to stay in Belfast.

Isaacs Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

For this hostel to be as old as it is and not have lockers in the rooms, especially when there is more than enough room, is a joke. I was up on the 3rd floor and had to go down to the basement to get into my luggage. The pillows might as well be non existant, however the blankets are really warm. This hostel really needs a bar or better organising for a pub crawl then the atmosphere would be much better. In saying all that i did enjoy my stay here. The kitchen, showers and free breakfast great.

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We would love to have lockers in the rooms and are looking into this . the plus side of basement lockers is that you can use the lockers before check in if you are early and after check out if you need leave bags for a while - if they were in rooms you could not do this, We will always give you another pillow if they are not to your taste ( it is such a personal thing is nt it as to type of pillows . Usually the atmosphere is one of the best things at hostel but maybe it was just quiet?


This hostel will be great when the renovations are finished. Decent location and the staff were always helpful. Price is a bit steep but for the location and considering the rest of western europe is expensive anyway i was really happy with this hostel.

Smyle Inn

New Delhi, India

Great tours and guides who know what they are talking about and are friendly. The staff were always helpful and never had a problem there. The location in the main bazzar is close to most things in Dehli however the bazzar doesnt really feel safe at night time and is quite dirty. As for the inn itself, you can't fault it. The atmosphere isnt good for meeting people, theres no bar. The rooms were always clean and felt safe in the accommodation and the price is really cheap for the big rooms.


One of the best if stayed in. Ok the beds are standard backpackers but the atmosphere is really good and it was really easy for me to meet people travelling by myself. The tour guides were brilliant for the castaways tour which was the best money ive spent so far on my trip. Staff were always helpful and friendly. Good vibes all round!

New International Guest House

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Never had a problem with security and was alot cleaner than the other dodgy indian places in the building.