Reviews: eusouamarela

Location: Brazil, Gender: Female, Age: 35

Lemon Spirit Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Lemon Spirt is back to it's golden times... the hostel is clean, has good atmosphere... the social area does it's job. I had a good time there !

El Nomada

Asuncion, Paraguay

The hostel is good, specially its social area ! Just be sure you are going to a room with a bathroom "ensuite", otherwise you will get a bathroom with zero privacy right in the middle of the social area... without walls to the ceiling, which means it feels you have to do everything in front of other people ! they have private rooms that are not on this website and seem to be very good, mine was very cold... far from the bathroom. Everything there is handmade buy its owner, it looks ok !


The hostel is clean and organized, it has a very cool bar, but I imagine if my room faced it I wouldn't be able to sleep before 2am... people from MIA, not only guests of the hostel go to there. The breakfast is very poor with 2 or 3 kinds of "sweet breads", coffee and orange juice, not enough considering the price and the level of the hostel (the most expensive in miami beach !). The hostel is not close to restaurants or anything, to get anything you would have to walk more o less 10 blocks !


great hostel ! I have nothing to complain about. cute and nice guys at the reception hahah great facilities !

El Viajero - Hostel & Suites

Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

just don't go to that room which the bathroom is a little box in the room (it is not private at all !!! ), all the other rooms have regular bathrooms. I think the bad one is the number 4, 6 people mix dorm. right ?! everything else was great !

El Viajero Cartagena Hostel

Cartagena, Colombia

its a professional hostel ! very good social area, nice beds... there was always a free shower & toilet . one of the bests I've seen. my only complain is that I had a pair of shoes stolen and it seemed to me that it was one of the staff girls, they pretended to look for it, but it didn't convince me, poor them !


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

definitely one of the best hostels I've been so far. it is easy to notice it's owner and staff put not only effort on it, but also love ! great breakfast with lots of fruits, good bed and clean and private bathrooms, nice social area and great location in the heart of ipanema. I hope to be back soon !

Hotel Y Boulevard

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The hotel was definitely much better than what we expected after reading all those bad reviews... it was clean, the staff was always willing to help. It has stairs, but the staff didn't bother to help us with the luggage. Breakfast was better then what we expected also. Its location is amazing, 20 minutes walking from anything a tourist would like to see in Amasterdam. It was a great deal for us ! Its a 2 stars hotel.

St Christopher's Village

London, England

it is a huge professional hostel. they have a very nice social area with bar, lounge and even a cinema. the showers are good and quite clean and organized... the bedroom is also nice. the beds are strong and don't make any noise when the person at the up bed comes in the middle of the night. the mattress is the best I've seen so far. the breakfast was ok, but for london any breakfast is good ! I have noting to complain !

Lemon Spirit Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

It was my second time at Lemon's and although it looks very different this time its still a very nice place to stay in Rio. Leblon is the safest neighborhood (you can easily walk to Ipanema or take a bus there), their social area is very nice with its bar, hammocks, a tv room and a living. The loud music is a bit annoying, specially early in the morning and late at night ! The cleaning ladies are very nice people :)