Reviews: derek_lee_olson9631


My stay at K's was fantastic. The staff are helpful and friendly and make you feel very welcome. The hostel is also quite safe with locks on the front door, your personal room and they also provide lockers with locks free of charge. My only suggestion is that the hostel host more events to get the travelers to mix and mingle more. I know they host a noodle party once a week, but I think that having two or three events a week would be even better.

Han Tang Inn Hostel

Xi'an, China

Provided lockers, great staff, good location and they had group events every night which were really nice to get everyone together and chatting.

365 Inn

Beijing, China

I greatly enjoyed my time at the 365 Inn. I found the staff to be warm, the location perfect (close to the center, but still quiet at night), security good (lockers provided, but bring your own lock) and my experience to be very relaxed. The only suggestion I have is that they have some group events to help the travelers mix, because it seems that in Eastern China there are more groups traveling together, so it is more difficult for single travelers to meet people.

Agora Hostel and Guesthouse

Istanbul, Turkey

Agora was one of the most excellent hostels I have stayed in, which is impressive considering I have been in dozens of hostels all over Europe. Breakfast was excellent; cheeses, fruit, bread, coffee and some cold meat for meat-eaters. The rooms were nice, the beds comfortable and the staff made every effort to be friendly and helpful. Only critique to offer is the lack of locks on the room doors and that the terrace, which offers an incredible view, closes around midnight; 1:30 would better.

Birka Hostel

Stockholm, Sweden

The hostel was really nice, with most of the elements one would expect from a good hostel. Showers were warm, the breakfast consisted of tea, coffee, toast, milk and cereal, there were computers available with internet access and the staff were very warm and helpful. There were no hidden costs, such as linens or anything like that, which is appreciated also. There were only a few things that kept the hostel from being excellent: one would be lockers in the rooms, but this was not a huge concern.


Florence, Italy

The Dany House is a great hostel and if you're staying in Florence I would recommend staying there. It's about a fifteen or twenty minutes walk from the city core, which isn't too bad at all. The staff is great and there is a nightly dessert and wine time in the common room. As Fredrico to play the piano after dinner.