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Camping La Sfinge

Cinque Terre, Italy

Good facilities, good price, not really a camping atmosphere though. More like a mini town( in August at least) . Concerts every night right next door til midnight...

Woodstock Hostel

Paris, France

The atmosphere was nice, the afternoon and evening staff were friendly (not so much in the morning). The main problem, however, was that it was WAY too noisy. The hostel supposedly has a lights out @ 2am, which may be too late for some people, but even after there is just noise all night long. People talking and drinking in the lobby, in the street, it's not a very peaceful environment. If you're into that kind of thing, then no worries. If you are a light sleeper, & like calmness, don't go!

Greenland Resort

Byron Bay, Australia

Nice place, outside of the main town, but they'll drive you there all day long whenever you want... the free internet and laundry is so crucial! Also very friendly staff (the guy who picked me up actually carried my bag inside for me). Not a party hostel though, it's for those peeps who wanna relax and chill out at the nearby (BEAUTIFUL) beach...

JJ's Backpackers

Cairns, Australia

Solid place to be. Good friendly people, although it's a bit outside of downtown. There's a shuttle that takes you there but it stops running from 1-5:30, so not perfect...

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Hey David, Thank you for your comments, it really is greatly apppreciated! The bus driver has a break between 1.20pm and 4.45pm so there is only a gap of just over 3 hours that the bus does not run, we are sorry for this :o( Happy travels x

Corona Backpackers

Cairns, Australia

If you want a cheap place to party all night and don't care about cleanliness, this is the spot for you... If you want to relax in a chill place with chill people, look elsewhere. it's right across the street from a loud club, the doors don't close unless you slam them, and random kids came in to the hostel screaming at all hours of the night....


This place is the best bang for your buck you can find in Okinawa. The staff is super friendly! Just be prepared for capsule-style living (unless u have a big grp)...

Orange Inn

Kyoto, Japan

Not the place to go if you can't stand bad service... It's just one guy who runs the place. It's not too bad though, but I wouldn't want to spend more than a night or two...

Hotel Chuo Selene

Osaka, Japan

This place is new and totally clean! The staff is nice and the area is totally legit. Most of the touristy stuff is a short train ride away.