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Location: Brazil, Gender: Male, Age: 27

They need more outlets, and by that I mean many more. There were no enough in the room and not enough in the reception/eating area. Also no toilet seats and no WiFi connection in the room. But location is good, the hostel is clean and staff was nice enough!

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GOOD LOCATION + CLEAN HOSTEL + NICE STAFF... THANK YOU, We are working on the little details... Hope to see you soon, Best regards, The BVJ CHAMPS ELYSEES CREW


Perfect option for those arriving or leaving Sri Lanka! It's a huge house, super clean, nice location. The lady in charge was ultra helpful (awesome sense of humour, by the way!). Recommended!!


Helpful staff, good location, clean, organised. It's a bit of a no brainer considering how rare good hostels are in India. Perfect option for backpackers!


This is a tricky one... As of january 2013 this place was a mess. A joke really. The owners of the place clearly decided to open it WAY before it was ready. It was so bad I couldn't believe it was part of the Vedanta group. The staff obviously was left in a bizarre situation, having to deal with angry backpackers and explain the same stuff over and over again (seriously, what kind of management does that?). The thing is... even if everything is perfect right now, location sucks, so...


Fantastic location, right in the middle of old Varanasi. The bedroom was really simple (the blaket looked as if it hasn't been washed ever), toilet is shared and could be better. Staff is polite and the price is fair.

Mystique Moments

New Delhi, India

It's a good option for those who don't have that much time to travel in India and want to see what real life in India looks like. The neighborhood is far from the center and is not touristic at all (60-90 minutes from anything). The owner is a great guy and it's important to remember that this is possibly one of the few options in Delhi for those looking for a hostel. But location is really a nightmare...


Great staff, great location, super clean and comfortable. There's not much I can complain about it, everything seems to work there!

Stand Fast Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Location is great, the hostel is clean and somewhat organized. The staff could be more helpful (one of the boys looked constantly stoned, but I guess that's just his personality...). I was travelling with a friend and they couldn't possibly arrange for us to stay in the same bedroom (they were full of excuses). But the city is great, so this is not a place you want to stay for long during the day.

Hostel Beautiful 2

Rome, Italy

A good option if you're looking for a hostel close to the Termini Station, otherwise there are many better options in Rome. But the bed was nice, staff was helpful, room was clean. Not a lot of space, but not a big issue.

Academy Hostel

Florence, Italy

Really clean, good shower, internet access, friendly staff, and so it goes. There´s no way of complaining!

Emerald Fields

Florence, Italy

Clean, nice staff, good location, nice shower. Maybe a little bit of waiting for the internet, but oh well, nothing is perfect!


Seriously, it looked like an abandoned hospital. Not a hostel enviroment at all! But it's not like we have many options in Modena, so...

Hotel Assarotti

Genoa, Italy

The hotel is very clean, organizes, the staff is helpful (they even let me have breakfest after the time was over), I got 2 hours of free internet, and location is fantastic!

Hostel TO

Turin, Italy

Well, it is NOT a hostel, that's for sure. You rent the bed and the toilet and that's pretty much it. There's no hostel feeling, it's not the place you want to go if you want to meet new people. It was clean and organized, but I was lucky I can speak portuguese and a little bit of italian, cuz the staff only speak these 2 languages.

A Venice Museum

Venice, Italy

Fantastic breakfast!!! The staff is obviously trying their best. the location is tricky, but it's Venice... It was very spacious and always clean, but quite noisy at night.

Traveller's Haven

Bled, Slovenia

Fantastic!!! Ultra clean, great staff (and great orientations to enjoy the city from Mirjam), nice location, spacious dorm and good bathroom!

Montenegro Hostel

Kotor, Montenegro

Staff was really friendly, location is fantastic, but bathroom looked like it hasn't been cleaned for some time. Sink was blocked so we couldn't really use it (and it was not fixed while was there).


Best hostel I have ever stayed! Staff was fantastic, location is great, room and toilet was really clean and comfortable, and etc etc. Make sure you stay there!