Reviews: julietsymes5552

Hostel Blue Planet

Paris, France

DO NOT STAY HERE. - cockroaches. - one toilet + shower per floor (8ish rooms?) with no hand soap for the toilet. - one key per room, doesn't matter if you're all strangers. - The staff are TERRIBLE. On arrival we didn't get a 'hello' just a 'passports please... room number 217'. He never told us about the one key per room policy so we took it out with us and got in trouble for it.. even though he never told us! He didn't tell us ANYTHING. - One plug per room that only charges phones/laptops

Smart Russell Square Hostel

London, England

when I arrived I was told to wait 10mins as the staff were changing shifts... then a big group of italians rock up and they start checking them in!! there's no soap+handtowels in the bathrooms to even wash and dry your hands. internet is in the common area only and hardly works. this place is for for one night though

Rixpack Hostel

Berlin, Germany

I stayed in the middle of winter - nice and quiet, and super warm! staff were friendly. location was good too

Casa Grande Surf Hostel

Tenerife, Spain

Great location. Staff weren't that helpful (more concerned with playing games on the reception computer than helping us). one of the showers leaks water under the dorm door (!) but they're getting on that now I think. They were fully booked when we stayed but there was never a wait for a shower which was good. It's a fine place to stay just for a couple of nights.

Igdlo Guesthouse

Reykjavik, Iceland

great, clean and tidy guesthouse with helpful staff. just a short walk into town. I'd totally recommend it.

Carpe Noctem Vitae

Budapest, Hungary

awesome place to stay, really relaxed environment and good location. perfect for someone travelling alone as they always try to involve everyone in activities. cheap and amazing dinner cooked there every night. the dorm rooms are nice and air conditioned but the main rooms are really hot and hard to hang out in during the summer. will stay there again when i return!

Riad Massin

Marrakech, Morocco

Riad Massin is the BEST hostel I've ever stayed in - and I've stayed in a lot! Really clean, excellent location, beautiful interiors, so affordable and the best staff ever! Charlotte is incredible and the Moroccan staff are so so friendly - even playing jokes on us! I'd never stay anywhere else in Marrakech. LOVED IT.

Sweet Hostel

Milan, Italy

dirty dishes in the bathroom that STUNK, no soap in the toilet, bedroom door didn't even shut properly. not great

Casa Babylon Backpackers

Malaga, Spain

No customer comment

Inverness Tourist Hostel

Inverness, Scotland

No customer comment

Ciao Bella Milan

Milan, Italy

the place is great in terms of location and meeting people, but had a problem with one of the staff members - rude, attitude, moody totally INAPPROPRIATE conversations. wasn't happy with her. but the other chick who works there is awesome

Cinque Terre Holidays

Cinque Terre, Italy

great location and our room wasn't too bad. there was a sign in ours saying that we would be charged 5 euro each if the dishes weren't done and the place was messy during the day. very small pokey rooms but thats italy!