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Hostel Blues

Bratislava, Slovakia

Seriously lovely hostel. Helena and all of the staff are great and they can help you find some amazing gems in Bratislava. Go to funki punki!

Hostel Split Wine Garden

Split, Croatia

This is not a hostel. It's a restaurant with some empty rooms in the back that they stuffed some beds into. The bathroom was really gross and the drain was clogged and caused water to go all over the floor. Also, it's not social at all no common area really to speak of and - no lockers. Skip it if you can.

Sky Lounge Hostel

Mostar, Bosnia And Herzegovina

It's not the best little hostel but it's in a close enough area to what you want to see and it gets the job done. Do the War walking Tour - it's one of the best yours I've ever been on!

Hostel Dubrovnik Sunset

Dubrovnik, Croatia

This is a great hostel if you're looking to get away from the expensive busy city and relax and unwind with beautiful views. It's really easy to meet and talk to a lot of travelers and you never have to feel alone. Joe and the rest of the staff are super friendly and will literally help you any way they can. Also, the shuttle service is great and runs practically all night long and is really cheap! For sure I would stay here again - great place!

Berat Backpackers Hostel

Berat, Albania

Even though there are no lockers - the place is in an ideal and beautiful location. Friendly staff and some quiet places to hang out and read. If you're ever in Berat this is the obvious choice!


Ohrid, Macedonia

Sometimes you have to wait a while for a bathroom because there's only a couple but this on the hillside hostel is great and has some awesome staff :)

UNITY Hostel Skopje

Skopje, Macedonia

This was an awesome hostel. Super easy to find with great given directions and the bus drivers from the airport know it! While the city isn't the most exciting place - at Unity it's easy to make friends or just to hang out with some of the locals that come inside. The owner was a friendly exciting person who was really helpful and fun to talk with. For sure I would stay here if I was ever in Skopje again!

Aga Hamam Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

While this hostel is an ok stay - it's really just to get the job done. There's no real way to socialize and everyone stays to themselves. Most of the staff can't speak English and the showers are pretty dirty, flip flops are a must!

Siem Reap Rooms

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Clean and cozy, this hostel gave us everything we needed. The owners were fantastic and offered excellent advice on temples and sunset spots. Their staff was also extremely kind and friendly. If you want to get away from the craziness of pub street, I would suggest staying here.

Sanya Backpackers

Sanya, China

Was a really cool hostel for people who want to hang out and relax. The tours are a bit expensive - however, if you want to just chill on the beach it's inches away from the hostel door for the perfect price.


Kyoto, Japan

This was my favorite place on my travels in Japan. When I return to Kyoto one day - this will for sure be the guesthouse that I stay in. The staff is a lovely couple who make their guesthouse feel like a home and present themselves as very warm and inviting. Close to everything you want to see and great places to eat all around. This is an ideal location in an incredible city.


Super clean, very laid back hostel, the staff was really helpful and the location was pretty prime. I made a stopover here on my way back from Yangshou and was worth the visit. Watch out though, local's don't know where this place is - so asking for help was a tad tricky.

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hi, Thanks for give us the feed back , even though you just pass GuiLin or stay here for just couple nighs , welcome to How Hostel. For relaxing ....... Helen

Guilin Central Hostel

Guilin, China

While being in a good location, you get what you pay for....a damp hostel bed and a bit of an awkward setting. Overall though, it wasn't a bad stay for a night.


The staff was a little rude and overall the non-airconditioned parts of the building almost made it unbearable to stay at the hostel. I have to admit though, it is a great location - but taxi drivers are not very familar with the area, so be careful.